Her Campus Graduating Cutie: Maggie Miller '17

As the weather gets warmer, Her Campus American is getting ready to say goodbye to one of our best. Maggie Miller will be graduating in just two short weeks from American University. She has been a crucial member of Her Campus American since her freshman year - serving as a writer, section editor, and Vice President. While we shed a tear for the loss of our delightful VP, we know she has the brightest of futures ahead of her. From her love of Tex-Mex to her ability to position herself into flawless yoga poses, Maggie Miller is a kind and creative Cutie who will be dearly missed.

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Minor: International Relations

Her Campus American University: To start, what are you involved in on campus?

Maggie Miller: I’ve been a member of Phi Mu since freshman year, been an AU Ambassador, and been involved in Her Campus in a variety of roles.

HC AU: Where are you from and what is it like there?

MM: I’m from Austin, TX, and as anyone who has known me for more than five minutes will tell you, I never shut up about that city. Growing up, I was aware I was living in a fantastic city, but it wasn’t until I left home that it hit me just how incredibly lucky I was to call Austin my hometown. From going to music festivals across the river from my high school, to eating my way through the city’s fantastic Tex-Mex, BBQ, and juice bar restaurants, to being able to bask in year-round warm weather, my friends and I had such a great time growing up, and I fully intend to return to Austin one day. No matter how long that takes, it will always hold a major spot in my heart.

HC AU: What is your family like?

MM: My family is fantastic, though a bit difficult to explain. I’m the only child of my parents’ marriage, but I have an older half-sister who is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam, and who is an incredibly cool yoga instructor. Furthermore, since my father is Scottish, one side of my family lives in Scotland, which combined with where my sister lives, means I was lucky enough to travel to Europe several times as a kid. My mom’s side of the family is based in Texas, and are the extended family members I see the most simply because of geographical location. Overall though, it’s my parents who have been my rocks over the years, and I’m very close with them. They’ve stepped back and let me make all the large decisions in my life on my own, although with their advice, and have always done everything in their power to support any dreams of mine. It’s because of their unwavering love and support that I’m where I am today, and I’ll never be able to thank them enough.

HC AU: Describe yourself in three words. Don’t think about it, just go!

MM: Dreamer, curious, compassionate.

HC AU: Do you have any hobbies?

MM: I love yoga, which I find to not only be physically healthy, but mentally as well, and even going just once a week to a class keeps me grounded and centered. I also like to sing, whether that be in the shower or on stage, since singing is something I grew up doing from around the age of 4, when I first sang on stage with my dad, who is a musician. I’m also a massive history nerd, and if you put a historical novel on just about anything in front of me, especially one on British history, I will spend the rest of the day practically devouring it.

HC AU: Favorite Her Campus American memory?

MM: Last semester, we had a weekly meeting in Ward. When E-Board came upstairs after the meeting, we noticed there was a presidential election debate watch party being held. We immediately started taking pictures with a life-size Hillary Clinton cut out, and as we did so, a camera crew approached us and asked if they could film us for a segment on how Americans were reacting to the election. We said yes, and later found out the crew was from an international news organization that has a viewing audience of over 4 million people worldwide. So that was surreal.

HC AU: Who’s your favorite artist? 

MM: I hate myself for naming this person, since it’s an incredibly mainstream answer, but I absolutely love anything by Ed Sheeran. I listed to his new album on repeat for about two weeks solid, and I’m seeing him in concert in September. He’s a genius when it comes to writing songs, and I can’t think of one on any of his albums that I dislike. I’m also a huge fan of Lin Manuel Miranda, whose work on “Hamilton” and “In the Heights” has established him as, in my opinion, the greatest musical writer of our generation.

HC AU: What was your favorite part of being at AU?

MM: The people I’ve been surrounded by. The culture of AU is one that encourages students to go above and beyond in their studies and internship experiences, and to push to be the best they can be to make a difference in some capacity. However, this does not mean AU is particularly competitive between students, meaning it’s a warm and welcoming learning environment in which students can do their best without the outside pressure of attempting to make the highest GPA. I’ve been challenged in this environment by my peers in the best way, and it’s something I’ve loved about my classes and my friends at AU.

HC AU: What about your least favorite part?

MM: While I am in favor of students accomplishing their dreams, sometimes I feel like AU students forget to be college students after their first year or two. Preparing for a future career is important, and chasing your dreams is as well, but sometimes I wished that we could all slow down more and look around and enjoy this phase of life. We have the next few decades to work in our chosen fields and help with new innovations, but we only have four years in college.

HC AU: Do you have any advice for incoming freshman? 

MM: To maintain a work life balance. Keep your grades up and make good academic decisions in your introductory year of college, but don’t forget that you’re young and it’s okay to have fun. Stories from your freshman year are likely ones you’ll be telling (and regretting) for a long time to come (I certainly do).

HC AU: Who are the women you find the most inspiration from and why?

MM: There are many, but I’ll just name a few. One is Emma Watson, because she has made fighting for the rights of women worldwide not only a part of her life in terms of international diplomacy, but has incorporated it into her film choices, and has shown how to handle being a woman in the often sexist limelight. Another is Michelle Obama, whose poise and intelligence as our first lady made a massive impact on not only the world, but also the generation of girls born and raised during the Obama administration. Finally, my mother. It’s a cliché answer, but when it comes to my mom, she is the strongest and most brilliant person I know. If I can be even half the woman she is, then I will be incredibly lucky.

HC AU: If you could pick anywhere in the world to go, where would it be and why?

MM: I love to travel, therefore making it impossible for me to answer this with just one option, so I’m cheating and picking two. These are Greece and India, for a few different reasons. I would love to travel to Greece, and the Greek islands specifically, purely to experience the beauty of the country and its beaches, and to experience Greek culture. I want to travel to India for those reasons and more, having had friends who either are from India or have traveled there who have described it as a wonderful country, full of so much rich culture and history. I think going to India, which is on my bucket list, will be one of those trips that will forever stay with me.

While it may be the end of an era, we can't wait to see how Maggie Miller takes the "real world" by storm! 

Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Credit to Cutie, 6