Garlic: Farm Stand Dog

If you have never had the pleasure of being on American University’s campus during the weekly farmer's market, you've missed out on meeting Garlic, aka Farm Stand Dog. Even though she isn't a student, Garlic is definitely a Campus Celebrity in her own right. She has been coming to the farmer’s market every Wednesday for the past three years and her presence always brings a ray of sunshine to campus.

Her Campus American was fortunate enough to interview Garlic’s owner, Dan Donahue, and we learned some interesting, crazy and almost unbelievable facts about the most famous dog on campus.

Her Campus American University: How old is Garlic?

Dan Donahue: Four years old.

HCAU: What kind of dog is she?

DD: She is an Australian Cattle dog, which is also called a Blue Healer. The Blue Healers were bred as a herding dog with a few English breeds, including the Dingo. So Garlic is technically part Dingo.

HCAU: Where is she from?

DD: She was born in Lancaster, Pa., on an Amish yogurt farm. She now lives with [me] along with two cats. Her mom was twice her size and weight, and she was the runt of the family. She was originally named Cindy, but [I] changed it.

HCAU: When is her birthday?

DD: November. It says January on Facebook but that is incorrect.

HCAU: What is her favorite food?

DD: Cheese and beef jerky. She gets fed that a lot at the farmer’s market and that is why she has gotten fat.

(HCAU thinks she would also likes Tavern Tenders if she could ever try them.)

HCAU: What is her favorite thing about AU?

DD: The girls because they chase her and I say, “Keep rubbing her right. She’ll twerk for you if you want.”

HCAU: She twerks???

DD: Yes. Last year while at the farmer’s market, she started twerking. [I] took her to the vet to see if she had worms. She started twerking at the vet’s office and the vet called in all of the other workers to watch her. She just twerks. If she likes you. She gets real happy about doing that.

HCAU: Is she single?

DD: Yes! [I] would like to mate her with a long-haired Australian Sheppard. However, the dating world of dogs is apparently as challenging as the dating world for humans. Many dogs are fixed. Kind of like humans are fixed, but in a different way.

HCAU: Did she go to school?

DD: Yes. She went to Bow Wow University and majored in cow chasing, and minored in cat chasing. She also went to Cow Nip High School.

HCAU: What is she like at home?

DD: She won’t go upstairs because [my] cats attacked her two years ago.

HCAU: Was she hurt?

DS: Not physically. Emotionally I suspect.

HCAU: What are her hobbies?

DD: Cow chasing, mailman chasing, bicycle chasing and eating rabbits… And twerking.

HCAU: Any notable accomplishments?

DD: One time, Garlic was in a parking lot in front of a cow field, and the cows started to run away. She jumped out of the car and flew after the cows, turning them around and saving the day.

HCAU: Why do you think she is so famous at AU?

DD: Just because she is. Kind of like Madonna why is Madonna famous? Girls just like to have fun.

You can find Garlic on Facebook!

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