First Weeks of College as a Freshman (Represented by Gifs)

Before going off the college most people tell you about their own college horror stories, like their weird roommate or completely sleeping through an 8 am class. However, the first few weeks of college can often be the most terrifying and exhilarating of all.Each freshman goes through an emotional rollercoaster and what better way to show these thoughts through gifs? 


   1.  Realizing You're Finally an Adult

Being on your own for the first time can be daunting. Now you are tasked with having to take care of everything all at once AND on your own. 

2. Trying Not to Fall Asleep During Your Only 8 AM Class 

Going to bed at 2 in the morning everyday and waking up at 11 can be nice. But getting up for that one 8 am class and staying awake is hard when all you want to do is go back to bed. This is why college students develop caffeine addictions.

3) Checking On Your Laundry So No One Touches It

People taking your laundry out even when it is done still is annoying. You don't want someone random touching your clothes (especially your delicates.)

4. Finally Realizing You Actually Need Your Parents

When living on your own for the first time, you suddenly realize how much your parents actually did for you! Even as simple as making your breakfast, you now have to do that on your own. 

5. Trying to Fall Asleep While People in Your Hall Are Noisy 

Going out on a weeknight sounds fun but when you have an early class in the morning it's hard ot go out! When people on your floor are going out and you can hear them pre-gaming it is not cool, especially when you're trying to be responsible and go to bed early for class. 

6. Frat Parties Are Hot AF 

Frat parties are like a giant mosh pit in one house! Learn to dress cute but cool because you don't want to be dripping in your own sweat. Try layered clothing like jean jackets that you can tie around your waste if you start feeling the heat.

7. Trying to Make New Friends is Hard 

Leaving all your friends behind isn't easy! Most people you meet in the first weeks are on your hall or in your classes, but you feel like you completely forgot how to make friends. When everyone is trying to impress, it can be difficult to break out of you comfort zone. Just keep in mind everyone around you is also trying to find their group!

8. There Are Always People Around 

Even if you are by yourself on campus people are still walking around. There are even people in your dorm that can hear you in the hall. Getting off campus away from your peers is much needed when you need to have a private conversation. Try heading off campus to a coffee shop or park if you need a breather from the campus life. 

9. Sometimes You Just Need to Cry ​

Being responsible, getting your own meals, and being in a new environment can  be too much. Of course you just need to cry, because sometimes it makes us feel better. 


And lastly.... 

10. Having the Freedom to Do What You Want!

College is great! There is no one breathing down your back telling you what to do 24/7. Finally, you can eat what you want and sleep when you want because no one is there to tell you otherwise! 



College can be a struggle, but at least we can all relate through gifs.