Editor's Blog: What We're Loving in February

Claire Shriver, Editor-In-Chief

1. Mimi-Rose Howard 

For all of you Girls fans out there, you know whom I'm talking about. On this past Sunday's episode, Mimi-Rose said to Adam when he suggested exercising, "I can’t go for a run because I had an abortion yesterday," sparking a conversation about reproductive rights. It reminded me the Season 1 episode when Jessa goes in for an abortion, becoming one of the few TV characters that openly talks about it. This time with Mimi-Rose, a character goes through with it. Despite her way of handling the discussion with Adam, I am a major fan of Mimi-Rose Howard for her conversation following that. She explains, or rather tries anyway, to Adam she doesn’t need him the way Hannah did, showing that codependence isn’t healthy for a relationship. I'm growing to be really interested in what her character has to say next, even if I still can't stand Adam. 


In an endless search for new music, I started listening to COIN, a band from Nashville, when I saw that they're opening for Passion Pit on May 5th at the 9:30 Club. Only one of their songs is available on Spotify, but you can stream their new EP on EARMILK if you're looking for a couple more tunes from them.  

3. Zady 

Dubbed the 'Whole Foods of fashion' by Forbes, Zady was founded by Soraya Darabi & Maxine Bédat and aims to end harm from the fashion industry with local designers. The site does an incredible job at story telling and since their launch they've gained a lot of traction. I visited their pop-up shop in New York this last December it definitely impressed. If you want to learn more, read about their incredible content marketing from NewsCred


Ali Follman, Managing Editor

1. Chef (2014)

Recently available on Netflix, Chef is an uplifting story that leaves you feeling giddy. It follows a man who loses his job as a chef at a Los Angeles restaurant and rebuilds his life with his son while on a trip in Miami. The chef (Jon Favreau), his sous chef Tony (Bobby Cannavale) and his son start a food truck business after being urged by his ex-wife, Inez (Sofia Vergara) to try something new. The movie not only makes you hungry, it gives you ideas of new things to cook. The chef prepares beautiful dishes and shows how food is the center of his life. There is also some social media use twisted into the plot, as the main character discovers Twitter and how helpful it is in the food truck business. He also discovers how dangerous is it to misuse Twitter, and how things that go "viral" online are not always good.

2. #NYFW Updates

Though I am the self-proclaimed laziest slave to fashion out there, I am enthralled in the constant updates from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by magazine editors, bloggers, celebrities and the designers themselves. My favorite outlet to get the latest runway and street style photos is the New York Times Fashion Instagram account: "All the fashion, style and beauty photos fit to post." The posts make you feel like you're right in the action at the best fashion shows and collection previews in the world.

Yes, that is my favorite blogger Man Repeller and yes, that is my Instagram name that liked the photo.


Mikala Rempe, Section Editor

1. The Giving Keys

These keys are absolutely perfect. They're accessories that are dainty enough that they go with any outfit, but the story behind them is the reason why I'm loving them this month. All the keys have messages on them like hope, strength, or joy. Once you have the key, you must sometime along your life's journey give the key to someone who you think needs the message engraved in it. Then you write to the company about your exchange and they put it on their blog. The best thing about these keys though is that the company that makes them employs men and women transitioning out of homelessness. 

2. Milk and Filth by Carmen Gimenez Smith

I can't remember the last time that I read a book of contemporary poetry that felt so timeless to me. The poems explore the complications of modern feminism, as well the representation of women in the media-- something I know most of our staff is passionate about. What made me feel so passionate about the collection was something I read from an interview with Carmen Gimenez Smith. She said, "Despite a culture that impugns the female artist, women have made art at any cost." Even if you're not into poetry this book will make you think deeply about the women in your life.

Vivian Chen, Section Editor

1. Sleepytime Tea

As an avid tea drinker, I’d totally recommend trying out Celestial’s Sleepy time Tea. It’s the perfect beverage to drink right before bed and is easily available at Whole Foods. The best part? Its caffeine free and has chamomile and spearmint to help to relax your body. This tea is the perfect way to end any stressful day.

2. If You’re Reading This, Its Too Late

Around Valentine's Day, Drake surprisingly released a mix-tape as a precursor to his fourth album. Although this might not be Drake’s best album released to date, the themes of this album are much darker and more honest. It’s definitely not something you choose to blast at a party, but something you listen to on its own to really listen to what he’s rapping about. I’d recommend splurging the $12.99 on iTunes to purchase your own copy!

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