Editors' Blog: Making the Most of Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break isn’t over yet! So there is still time left to catch up on some essentials before finals week sets in! Here are some tips from our editors on what to do and accomplish before break is over. 


Turn off your laptop.

If you’re anything like me, you probably get major separation anxiety when you’re forced to step away from your email for more than two hours. But, no matter how much homework you need to get done, turn off your laptop and step away for at least one day during Thanksgiving break. This may require getting work done before break starts so that you don’t fall behind, but a full mental break from school requires walking away from your responsibilities for a little bit. It may help you enjoy the time off instead of suffering from residual school stress. - Katie Malone

Get some holiday shopping done.

‘Tis the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and, as broke college students, these sales should sound more appealing than ever. Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to get holiday shopping checked off your to-do list, but make sure to have some fun with it! Invite your high school friends who you haven’t seen in months on a Target run or sit around with your cousins crafting homemade gifts while sipping hot cocoa (because we all know moms love homemade gifts). Thanksgiving break is short, so make it count by getting ahead of the holiday game all while spending time with family and friends. - Peyton Bigora​

Watch that show that you’ve been meaning to check out but keep putting off

Use part of this break as a time to just chill in pajamas and get in some prime binge-watching. Lay on your parents’ couch and take advantage of their OnDemand to get caught up on the shows you’ve missed while drowning in papers. Or relax in your childhood bedroom and finally try to watch that Netflix special your friends keep quoting. You know the next couple of weeks are going to be insane so make sure to take a bit of time for yourself while you can– and what better way to do that than by spelunking through your Netflix recommendations? -Carly Elkins

Catch up on the sleep you’ve missed.

We all have big dreams of getting all of our projects and essays out of the way before finals week rolls around, but in reality, working so hard all the time is just exhausting and not manageable. Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to get some rest and clear your head before the end of the semester really picks up. You’re never on top of your game when you’re sleep-deprived, so use your time off to rest, and go back to school feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work! -Nicole Scallan​

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