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Common Library Study Cycles

While at the library, it can be hard to stay focused. Whether you have a paper or are studying for a test, the library may be the better place (in your mind) to go to get it done. The distractions can feel limitless and obtaining self control can be difficult, but generally there is a cycle of work progression at the library.

1. The hardest part of actually studying in the library is finding a study table. You don’t want that person next to you to think you’re sitting too close, but you can’t find a single desk.

2. To prevent yourself from looking stupid and walking around the floor again to find a spot, you go to a different level. And let’s face it, the four floors at the library may say the noise level, but the only difference are the relatively loud talkers to the relatively loud whisperers.

3. Finally, you find a spot with an outlet and no one on either side, AKA the essentials.

4. You open up your computer and exit the Facebook tab as quickly as possible to resist temptation.

5. Put the phone away…but first it’s necessary to go on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YikYak just to get caught up.

6. Once you’re all caught up before diving into your work, you hear some noise and decide headphones are a must.

7. Time to pick the music: you put on your favorite songs playlist, but then want to sing all the words and dance. It’s a must to change it to a calming playlist or maybe classical music (because it helps productivity).

8. Now it’s time to get to work! Open a Word document, type your name, the subject, and the assignment…and then you get a text message.

9. You then take around five minutes to try to figure out how to turn off the mac iMessage notifications to prevent distraction.

10. Now it’s time to really start. You research and write or study for about 15 minutes before you see someone you know. Then you of course have to ask them what they’re doing there, what they’re studying and politely say you have to get to work.

11. Back to Word, then maybe Facebook, then maybe you check your messages and continue for the hours you’re in the lib. REPEAT.

Prevent this by studying in a less known spot and get apps like SelfControl to avoid temptations.

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