Campus Cuties: Molly Lurensky '21

Molly Lurensky is a Sophomore here at AU from New York City. She is studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications with a minor in Education Studies.

Her Campus American: Can you talk a little bit about what you do on campus?

Molly Lurensky: On campus, I am an ambassador which means I give tours on campus, host prospective students and I showcase the school. In addition to AU ambassadors, I am a member of a social sorority on campus. In that organization, I am in charge of coordinating all external philanthropies, so sending teams to different events, as well as in charge of helping us fundraise. I also write for Spoon University, an online food blog for students by students. Lastly, I am a Hillel intern so I help engage the Jewish community here at American University. 

HCAU: How do you find time to manage all of your activities while maintaining a full course load?

ML: It's all about time management and learning how to manage your time. I don't like to do homework at night, so I have to be as efficient as possible.

HCAU: Why did you choose these activities?

ML: I was a tour guide in high school so I really wanted to continue that. I have a lot of school spirit and I love showing off my school, so helping people fall in love with AU is very fulfilling. I chose to join social Greek life because I felt like there was a community I was missing that I wanted to be a part of, and I found a really great group of girls who will support me through anything. 

HCAU: Can you talk to me a little more about rushing?

ML: I went through recruitment because I wanted to find a community, and I think I found that within my organization and the Panhellenic community as a whole. The great thing about AU Greek life is that its something that you can seek out if you're interested, or ignore if you're not. AU Greek life is only about 30% which includes social and professional organizations. When it came down to recruitment I was really able to talk to each organization to get a feel for their differences. AU panhellenic is unique in that there is a place for everyone. 

HCAU: Would you recommend going through recruitment?

ML: I would totally recommend going through recruitment. I personally gained so much when I joined a social Greek organization, so I would recommend it to anyone even if they are unsure if greek life is for them

HCAU: Since you are an ambassador and active member of campus, what advice would you give to freshmen?

ML: The piece of advice I would give to all freshmen asking how to get more involved is to go to the club fair and just put your name down on a bunch of things that sound even the slightest bit interesting. Then, go to a general interest meeting to figure out if the club is for you. If that doesn't work out, I would ask your RA! They know about a ton of resources on campus and a bunch of the activities that go on.

HCAU: What is the best class you’ve taken and why?

ML: I can’t decide between my Schools and Society class I took last semester and Visual Literacy. Schools and Society opened my eyes to so much and even helped me pick my minor. My visual literacy class was so interesting and I really learned a lot that I apply to my everyday life which is super awesome!

This story is the first of a series of interviews of active members of AU's campus meant to expose students to different facets of our community. 

(Image credit: Molly Lurensky​)