Campus Cutie: Zak Bedrosian

Name: Zak Bedrosian 

Hometown: Weschester, NY 

Major: Communications 

Her Campus at American University: What made you decide to come to American? 

Zak Bedrosian: The endless opportunities in D.C. Coming from New York I wanted to experience a different city and D.C. was the perfect place for me to do that! Also the great business and communication school they have here. 

HCAU: What clubs are you involved in on campus? 

ZB: The Eagle, The Move, and AU Ambassadors. 

HCAU: The Move isn't an established club here on campus. What is it? 

ZB: It's an online publication and weekly newsletter. It tells college kids in the D.C. area the coolest things to do in the city. From events to different restaurants, and covering hot topics in D.C. we got it all! 

HCAU: What gave you the idea to create it? 

ZB: We saw a lack of communication between the social life and academics. People knew about different clubs and parties to go to but no one had an official guide to tell them what or where to go. We started at AU and now The Move has expanded among campuses in Washington,D.C. At first we got like 40 people to subscribe like our friends and stuff. But since AU is a smaller campus people started talking and now we have 1500 subscribers. 

HCAU: What's your favorite place to eat in D.C.? 

ZB: I really like Dyllan's Raw Bar Grille in Georgetown. I love their banana nutella french toast. I love anything in Georgetown you will never be disappointed. 

HCAU: What's one place you want to go to but haven't been yet in D.C.? 

ZB: It sounds unoriginal but inside the White House. It's very historic for our country and I like to go to places that have huge meaning. To say "I've been there" is a pretty cool experience. 

HCAU: In your opinion what's missing in D.C.? 

ZB: I know what there's too much of: politics. I know this seems unrealistic but I wish there were country roads and farms with horses and cows. If you can't tell, I love animals! 

HCAU: What's one fun fact about you? 

ZB: I can't breathe out of my nose. Well, technically 10% out of one nostril. I have a deviated septum. 

HCAU: Where do you want to travel abroad? 

ZB: Israel. I went there two summers ago with camp friends. I love the culture and everything about it. I fell in love with the country and always wanted to go back. Being there abroad will immerse me into the culture and make me see things from a different perspective than a tourist. People don't realize how safe it is there. I feel like the media shows an inaccurate representation of how Israelis actually live their lives. 

HCAU: Favorite Memory on Campus? 

ZB: Starting The Move. Sitting in the bridge on the couches by the windows sending out the first issue was so cool. I took a video of us submitting it for the first time.

HCAU: If you could interview one person for the move dead or alive who would it be?

ZB: Mark Zuckerberg. When I tell so many adults about The Move they say it reminds them of when Zuckerberg started Facebook, which is not true. But I want to hear what he thinks of The Move and hear his opinions. I want to hear his tips on how to grow our business just like he did to his. 

HCAU: What’s your family like?

ZB: My family is really close! Our family group chat is never not texting, we are always in a conversation. I talk to my mom like 7 times a day. My dad and I are really close too. My older brother by 5 years graduated from Cornell and now lives in Chicago doing private equity real estate. My sister is 3 years older than me and goes to Ithaca. She's majoring in broadcasting. My family always has a passion for wine. Since 2011, my family had been in the wine industry owning a vineyard and winery in Sonoma, California. Since I have a passion for social media I am their social media director, too. It's nice because we get to tell our story and we all work together which makes us closer too. My brother and sister are my biggest motivators and always teach me to have a great work ethic. They push me to limits I didn't know I was capable of. For that, I am thankful for my family! 

All photos belong to Zak Bedrosian.