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Campus Cutie: Emma O’Connor ’20

Name: Emma O’Connor 

Hometown: Sterling, Massachusetts

Area of Study: Environmental Studies 

Activities: VP of AU’s Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Philanthropy and Service Chair for Phi Mu, Chair for AmeriMUNC, and student intern at AU’s Office of Sustainability 

Hobbies: Hiking, finding more plants to add to her collection, feeding her caffeine addiction with coffee and Yerba Mates, and knitting.

Her Campus American University: What is the last movie or television show you watched? 

Emma O’Connor: I hate to admit it, but my roommate and I are addicted to “Love Island” (UK version of course), so that’s the last show I watched!! I know this is such a hot take but I think it is better than “The Bachelor”! The show itself has an incredibly silly premise but it exactly the kind of mindless and hilarious show you want to watch after a long day of classes! 

HCAU: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

EC: I would travel to Costa Rica or New Zealand!! Both have amazing beaches and hiking! The wildlife in both places is also incredibly diverse and beautiful, and I would love to explore and learn more about it. 

HCAU: Going along with the recent trend of Instagram quiz filters, if you could be any television or cartoon character from a beloved childhood show, who would you be and why?

EC: My friends make fun of me all the time, but I didn’t have cable growing up, so my access to TV shows was very limited. However, whenever I was over at a friend’s house, I would watch “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and would love to be Minnie Mouse on that show!

HCAU: What is the most exciting thing you have done in your time at AU?

EC: This past semester I had the amazing experience of going to a Firedrill Friday climate rally and march. It was an absolutely amazing and empowering event that allowed me to meet some really amazing change makers including Jane Fonda and Ben & Jerry (founders of the amazing ice cream!). They even gave us free ice cream after the march! 

HCAU: What kind of wonk are you?

EC: I would consider myself a very chill wonk. I don’t think I am very upfront about my wonkyness, but instead it comes out to my friends as I get to know them. I would categorize myself as the wonk who used to play Quidditch at recess in 4th grade!

HCAU: Are you a part of any on or off campus organizations that you are extremely passionate about? 

EC: Oh man where do I even begin. I absolutely LOVE the AU Sustainable Ocean Alliance because it advocates for very significant marine environmental issues! Oceans impact so many aspects of our life and ensuring that they will be there to serve future generations is so important! I am also very passionate about the work that I get to be a part of with my position on my sorority, Phi Mu’s, e-board. As philanthropy and service chair I get to plan some wonderful events that benefit not only our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Health Centers but also our surrounding DC community! I believe it is so important for all of my fellow sisters and myself to be connected with the greater DC community and I am so honored to be able to play a part in that! 

HCAU: What is one thing you think AU has that no other school can offer its students?

EC: I am a little biased because I intern at the AU Office of Sustainability, but also have had the amazing opportunity to see the strides that AU is making to be at the forefront of leading the sustainability movement. I think it is so unique that American cares so much about being as green as it possibly can be, not only for us currently but also so that future generations can enjoy what AU has to offer as well!! One other aspect of this school that I believe no other school can offer, is the small class sizes at AU! Although it makes registration a pain, the small classes allow for American students to engage with their professors and the content they are learning in a very special way.

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Julia Whitman

American '22

Hey I'm Julia and I am currently a freshman at American University! As of right now, I am undecided in the College of Arts & Sciences, but I love science and also gender studies. I am from the suburban town of Westfield, NJ, but I am a city girl at heart and can't wait to spend the next four years in DC!
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