American University's Top 8 Campus Resources

Whether you’re a senior about to graduate or a first year student at American, it’s never too late to learn about the resources available to you. From preparing a resume, to getting a flu shot, to creating a four year plan, there is no shortage of available access on the AU Campus.

1. Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a plethora of resources to AU students. For anything from talking about stress or relationship issues to more serious topics, the Counseling Center offers confidentiality and encourages students to take care of their mental well-being. Students are able to receive up to 6 free counseling sessions each academic year and beyond that the team at the Counseling Center will work with students to find affordable care in the community.

2. Academic Support and Access Center

ASAC is here to support all students academically from developing note taking skills to testing accommodations. ASAC is the center for university services such as supplement instruction, peer-tutoring, student accommodations, and more. Additionally, ASAC does free seminar sessions throughout the semester to help students with things like note taking skills, time management, and exam preparation tips.  

3. Health Promotion and Advocacy Center (Wellness Center)

HPAC specializes in resources on alcohol and drug abuse, sexual health, consent, and mental health. In addition to providing students with access to free condoms, lube, and other sexual health supplies, HPAC also does peer wellness courses on the previously mentioned topics. Students can also find out information about confidential resources included in OCHO (Ordain clergy at Kay, Counselors in the counseling center, student Health Center, and Oasis) at this office. HPAC’s services should be utilized as a tool to empower students.

4. Health Center

The Health Center is your one stop shop for all your physical wellness needs. From immunizations to general physicals to illness, the Health Center has a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and more to get you back to your best self. The Health Center is available five days a week and can also point you in the direction of urgent care services for those late night and weekend illnesses.

5. Career Center

AU students love to participate in internships and we all need to make that money, so the Career Center is the perfect spot for every AU student! The Career Center helps students to develop and improve upon their cover letters, resumes, and writing samples. There are also resources available on the website to look for jobs and internships as well as practice for interviews. Utilize these tools to land that perfect position!

6. School Advisors

Utilize your individual school advisors! Whether you are in CAS, SIS, Kogod, SPA, or SOC, there are so many benefits to visiting your advisor! Connect with your advisor to make a four year plan which allows you to best maximize the time (and money) you spend at AU. Advisors can also help you interpret your progress towards your degree and foster discussions about which classes would be best given your potential career path. First year students are lucky enough to have advisors dedicated to just first year students!

7. AU Abroad Office

College is an excellent opportunity to visit other areas of the world and learn about other countries and cultures, so why not study abroad? The study abroad office can navigate the types of study abroad programs, which classes students are available at abroad universities, and find a program that best fits with what the student hopes to gain from studying abroad. The abroad office is a resource for students as they begin to explore the option of study abroad to applying, to actually being abroad and finally returning!

8. Center for Diversity and Inclusion

CDI is a great source for information on experiences of those different from yourself on campus. CDI focuses on “enhancing LGBTQ, multicultural, first generation, and women's experiences on campus.” CDI does a multitude of programming and events around campus that engage students to think about their different backgrounds and the backgrounds of their peers.

Though there are many other useful resources on AU’s campus, these 8 lay a great foundation for where to begin! So take that walk down to AU Abroad or over to HPAC and take care of yourself academically, mentally, and beyond.

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