6 of The Coolest, Weirdest Clubs You Can Join at American University

Joining a campus club can encourage a sense of community. American University has a huge range of clubs in a wide variety of areas. There's dancing clubs, food clubs, music groups, culture/ethnic groups and so many more. We're featuring six amazing organizations that make an impact on campus. Check them out below!


1. AU Beekeeping Society

While the picture above may scare many people, there's a club at American that embraces our striped friends. The Society of Beekeepers practices natural (small)-cell beekeeping. The advantage to this practice is that the bees are healthier in smaller cells. The club makes lip balms and different syrups using the natural beeswax and honey that is produced. They also host workshops where they teach beekeeping skills, how cool!

2. The Blackprint 

Started in 2016 by Elisha Brown and Taryn Daniels, this student media organization is an online publication that largely focuses on people of color at American. They write about current events, culture, fashion, music, and they highlight community leaders through feature articles. Their motto is "Stay honest. Stay brilliant. Stay woke" and we can't agree more! Check our their amazing journalism at http://www.theblackprintau.com.

3. K-District

K-District is American University's K-Pop dance cover team. They perform dance routines to mashups of new and classic k-pop songs by popular k-pop artists, such as BTS (pictured above). Last semester they performed their routine on the quad! This cool club is open to all k-pop lovers, as long as you audition and make it through. Don't worry, they take first-time dancers as well as experienced k-pop movers and shakers!

4. American University Cheese Club


A club that's dedicated to cheese? Count this lactose intolerant girl in! While a cheese club it's something that you hear about every day, it certainly sparks the interest of many. The cheese club says it is a place for "students to get together and enjoy the amazing taste and variety of cheeses throughout the world." They not only want to foster a community of cheese lovers but also educate members about cheeses they might not have known about previously. Check them and their funky logo out on Facebook.

5. REbeL at American University


REbeL is a peer-education organization that addresses body image issues and disordered eating. They are a college pilot chapter of the national organization, REbeL.org. Their mission is "changing the definition of beauty and health for every body." Last year I had the opportunity to interview their Chairperson and chapter founder, Serena Nangia. Listen to the story that I did on the organization here: https://soundcloud.com/kincadek/rebel-at-american

6. Hawai'i Club

While you might not have known that we have a Hawai'i club, they are definitely cool! They're on campus to build a community of people from Hawai'i and people who love Hawai'i. They do fun events like a shopping trip to Tyson's corner in the fall so that people who aren't prepared for the freezing cold winter can buy warm layers. Last year they hosted their 10th annual Lu'au! Check them out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AUHawaiiclub

There are so many cool, weird, inspiring, etc. clubs on campus to explore (and we're one of them!) Head over to American University's club council website for a full list of all the clubs that AU has to offer (minus student media.) AU Club Council Website.

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