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5 Work-wear Must Haves For Your Summer Internship

Need some outfit pieces for your summer internship? We’ve got you covered! 

The summers, especially in the District, are hot, humid, and semi horrible when it comes to sweat stains. Women’s work-wear has been seen as something with many layers, making someone who has a summer internship in for the worst pit stains of their life.

This was how my search for the perfect work-wear outfits that won’t break the college student’s bank (because we all are dying from student loans) and that will keep you cool during the heat vortex that is summer. All pieces I have found are $50 or less to keep you feeling great while getting your money’s worth.

1. A pair of thin black pants can go with any blouse or shirt you have. Black is that magic color that matches with anything. Literally, anything can be paired with these magic pants. We love these “brunch pants” with pleats around the waist and a nice tapered ankle. Can we see our future boss walking down the hallway now?

Price: $45.00

2. A romper or a jumpsuit is always a great lightweight go-to outfit for summer. These work from day to night and over multiple days. Layer it up in the winter or wear it with a pair of flats in the summer. Instant classic! This one from Amazon comes in a multitude of colors and is Prime eligible. Heck, ya 2-day shipping!

Price: $27.99

3. Light-weight blouses that can match any pant or skirt is always a plus. Be sure to pick one that can be worne alone or under a jacket or sweater. Versatility is so great in a plain blouse. Bonus: no noticeable pit stains depending on the color you choose. White might be a tough one! 

Price: $21.00 

4. Skirts are a great way to keep cool in the summertime especially. Also, I mean who likes pants? Just make sure it’s long enough for your work’s dress code! We love this midi-length skirt with a fun belt detail in navy, a neutral that goes with nearly everything.

Price: $45.00 

5.  Lastly, in any summer work-wear wardrobe, there has to be a dress. This dress should be one you can wear both to work and out of work. The LBD is a classic that can be dressed up or down. Be sure to find a cut that is flattering for you and reminds you of how much of a girlboss you really are. This internship is the first step of many on the way to your dream job.

Price: $35.54

With all of these listings, be sure to hit up your local thrift shop for more affordable options! Investing in nice pieces on consignment can mean the beginning of a long-lasting professional wardrobe that can be used way beyond graduation. These pieces are fantastic classics that will never go out of style.

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