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5 Stages of Grieving Your Broken Phone

Last week, out of nowhere, my phone broke. One minute, I was ‘gramming, the next, dead. Devastating. In the following minutes I stared into space, wondering what I did with life before my hand-held computer. Did I have lots of thoughts? Did I write in a journal? Also, how do I stand at bus stop next to someone I kind of know without pretend-texting? In fact, how do I handle any kind of awkwardness without my phone? How do I stalk the cute guy in my class’ Snapstory? How do I call my mother? Will I die? 

1. Panic

Wait… what? Why is the screen black? Maybe if I hit it against a wall it will come to life? Okay, now it’s very broken. Maybe I should take the sim card out? Are sim cards still a thing? Ahhhhh!

2. Smugness

Okay, it’s been an hour of life without my phone and I’m doing pretty well! I don’t know whether that guy responded to my text, and I don’t care – I’m off the grid! Everyone is going to think I am so cool and mysterious. I am way above society right now. Maybe I’ll go for a nice music-less walk and have a long hard think, and then I’ll eat some quinoa and do some undisturbed, phone-less study. God I’m productive. 

3. Irritation

It’s been a few days of carrying my computer around so I can Facebook message my friends, and this is getting ridiculous. I look like an idiot. Also, I don’t know my mother’s phone number off by heart. Is that weird? What happened to home phones? How is it 2015 already? 

4. Liberation

It’s been a week, and I have (somewhat) adjusted to my new life. I am so alternative it is kind of ridiculous. Maybe next week I’ll move to the woods and only eat specific leaves that I know aren’t poisonous because I’m super in touch with nature. Or join a monastery. Or wake up at sunrise and meditate on a hill or something. But, honestly, this week without a phone has been pretty great. I am relearning how to be present, how to have a conversation, and how to be bored. I love social media, but too much scrolling through Instagram is pretty damaging to a person’s sanity and self esteem. Although inconvenient at times, my week was a welcome break from the hectic, instantaneous world we live in.  

5. Peace

My new phone is on its way, and I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to it. My mother thinks I’m dead, and my boss isn’t too happy, either. But I definitely won’t forget what I learnt. From now on, I will be using the ‘off’ button. Sometimes, you need to go off the grid, to appreciate being on it.  

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Grace grew up in Sydney, Australia, and is now braving the cold here in Washington D.C.! She is studying Public Communications and History. In her spare time Grace likes to play tennis and eat too much cake.
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