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5 Spotify Playlists to Listen to While You’re Quarantined

During this time of uncertainty, many of us find comfort in music. With so much chaos in the world right now, we can use music to transport ourselves into some happy memories. Since Spotify is free to use, here are 5 playlists to listen to while you’re stuck in your house: 

POLLEN by Spotify

This Spotify-curated playlist deserves the number one spot because of how good it is. The description for Pollen is “Genre-less. Quality first,” which could not be more accurate. Everything from Vince Staples to Grimes to Tame Impala to Rosalía is featured on this playlist. I’ve discovered so many new songs and artists through listening to Pollen, and Spotify updates the playlist every so often leaving you with a new diverse playlist every couple of weeks. 


What’s Good by Ryan Schreiber

Ryan Schrieber is the founder of the online music-based magazine Pitchfork. His “What’s Good?” playlist is updated with around 40 new songs every week and overall has 1,619 songs. This playlist also features a diverse pick of songs and artists like throwbacks, rising artists, and forgotten gems. Why wouldn’t you listen to the playlist of the man who reviews music for a living?


Frank Ocean in order from most to least emotionally devastating by Isla Hartigan

This user-curated playlist was shown to me by one of my good friends and I love her for it. For Frank Ocean lovers, this playlist really captures the reality of being a fan because of how much his music invokes raw emotion out of the listener. For those who have never listened to a Frank Ocean song, this is the perfect time to get into his music and you can use this playlist as a guide.


Aura by Spotify

“What color is your Aura today?” This Spotify-curated playlist has nearly 80 ethereal and melodic songs featuring many underrated artists like Brent Faiyaz and Kaash Paige. It is constantly being updated and its most recent update from 12 hours ago added “BELIEVE IT” by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Rihanna (for 10 seconds). Listen for a heavenly, colorful experience.


Perreo Mas Sucio Que el Gobierno de PR by Kevin Jose Montes Vega

The playlist name literally translates to “Perreo that’s dirtier than the government of Puerto Rico.” Perreo is a Dominican-derived word that means to dance combining movement in your waist and butt. This playlist contains a 7.5 hour-long selection of songs that make you want to do just that. Reggaeton, a genre of music from the Caribbean influenced by dancehall & American hip hop, fills much of this playlist with popular artists of today such as Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee. It also pays tribute to the classic reggaeton artists who paved the way for the genre like Don Omar and Wisin & Yandel. Enjoy this small look into the sounds of the Caribbean and maybe dance it out too.


Bonus Playlist: Your Discover Weekly Playlist

Discover Weekly is curated by the Spotify algorithm based on your listening habits on the platform. If you use Spotify, take advantage of this playlist and other extra playlists Spotify curates for you like Daily Mixes. You never know what new song, album, or artist you could fall in love with through these playlists.

Try to stay sane with these playlists and hopefully it will make this pandemic pass quicker!


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Gabriela Garcia-Astolfi is currently a sophomore at American University majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in International Relations. Garcia-Astolfi is a true Jersey girl in every sense of the word. She comes from a very strong Italian-Spanish background, and a trilingual household. Because of her family's recent immigration to the US, Garcia-Astolfi is very passionate on the topic of immigration, specifically in the subcultures created through the process of immigration. She describes herself as a multifaceted person with many interests in anything from photography to astrology and identity politics!
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