5 Disaster Job Stories

We always find things to laugh about in life that we remember, specifically while busy on duty working. Whether it's a job or internship you dread waking up to in the morning, or your dream job that you live at, you are always  able to find something that will put a smile on your face. Here are some funny and memorable anonymous job and internship stories I've gathered:1. Phone Anchor 

I was a lifeguard at a country club in high school. One night, I was closing and part of that process is taking out the lane-lines. I was wearing a sweatshirt that had my cell phone in it. As I reached to pull the lane-line from the pool, I hear a DROP and see my phone sink to the bottom of the pool. Immediately, I jump into the pool with my clothes on thinking I could save it. Unfortunately, I didn't and I had to get a new one.

2. Hot Donuts

My friend and I were twenty minutes away from closing Astro Donuts and all of a sudden, I see him grab some vanilla donuts and smother them with hot sauce and maple syrup, and put honey butter in the middle (aka a hot disgusting mess of a donut.) Right after, two girls come in as our last customers and actually bought those donuts and had nothing bad to say about them when they took a bite!

3. Touchy Golfers 

When I went home for the summer after freshman year, I got a job working at a golf club driving around in a golf cart and selling drinks to golfers. One day, two older men that I thought were sweet, cute, old men -  were not. They hit my drink cart with their golf balls and one of them said, "I wanted to hit her so I could knock her out and give her mouth to mouth." Immediately, I slammed on the gas and drove away, probably running over a chipmunk on the way. Let's just say that I did not go back to working there after that summer and don't think of old men as so "sweet" or "innocent" anymore.

4. Business, Emphasis on the Casual

I am the only intern at my office, meaning I get my own office, desk and everything! I never leave my office space because I am so busy with so much work to do.  I always make sure to dress comfortably, even though the dress code is "business casual." One day, I show up in flip flops, leggings, and an old t-shirt and, just my luck, I had two meetings with both of my bosses, met six new co-workers, and even met the company's CFO! Definitely learned from that day on to trade the t-shirts and flip flops for heels and blazers.

5. Unexpected Encounter

I was assisting the production set up for Florida Georgia Line's concert this summer. One of my tasks included ordering food for the crew that put together the stage. The venue had bad reception so I had to step outside to place the order. As I was wrapping up the call, I saw a tall security guard walking out the door with a guy wearing a gold chain and ripped jeans. When I started walking back to the door, I trip over my shoelace and bump into the guy with the gold chain. After apologizing, he said "all good, let me get the door for you!". I thanked him and he said "you're welcome". However, it wasn't until I got back into the venue that it was one of the guys from Florida Georgia Line that I ran into clumsily. Immediately embarrassed, he was a gentleman about it and for holding the door open for me.

Sometimes, we make mistakes on the job that we learn to laugh about them. Job stories can be both memorable and happy as well as serious. Whatever the job, whether we end up leaving and hating it or finding a passion for it, there are always memorable moments to keep us entertained! 

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