4 Healthy Living Myths Debunked

In almost every magazine or blog, there is always a new exercise or diet trend: from easy moves to burn fat in 10 minutes to taking a supplement for a month, or even just eating only sushi to loose weight. While there are many popular trends people follow, they are not always true or show results of healthy living. Here are some workout and nutrition myths debunked.

1. Doing the same exercise class or routine every week a few times a week

We all have one workout that is our favorite. Whether that is embarrassing ourselves in Zumba or running on the treadmill. However, our bodies get used to that routine, making us not sweat or burn as many calories. Spice it up by shocking your system and do a few different workouts each week. This will surprise your body causing you to sweat it out.

2. Carb-free diet

There are many arguments that carbs are always a source of weight gain; this is true only if you eat more carbs than you are expected for your height and weight. People also think of carbs as just grains with rice or bread. Wrong! Carbs are in fruit and veggies too! Carbs give you energy, especially if they are whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice. No need to freak out about the grains, just keep them in moderation! 

3. Machine calorie tracker

When working out on an elipitical or treadmill, there is always the screen that tracks how many calories you burn. However, that number is never accurate. It all depends on your body weight, how fast your metabolism is, and how hard you are breaking a sweat exercising. disregard that tracker while you're working out 'cause its accuracy is a myth! 

4. Giving yourself just a taste

There are times when we see that chick fil-a sandwich or grandma’s homemade chocolate cake and we can still eat it by just having a bite. However, one bite can become many. Each bite of unhealthy food also adds up. There are times where we take bites throughout the day not even realizing what we are putting into our bodies. If you really want to shed pounds: no bites, not even a lick of the spoon!

Doctors, trainers, dieticians, and nutritionists have different opinions about what patterns to follow and which ones not to follow.  The most important thing to remember is to keep everything food wise in moderation and to shock your body working out. If you find an eating plan that shows significant results, then go ahead and follow it!

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