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4 Events in 2014 Your Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Most likely you are familiar with Mardi Gras, you’ve probably heard stories about the Burning Man experience (maybe you wish you hadn’t), and have at least caught glimpses of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade… if it wasn’t on commercial break. But did you know that there is an entire festival dedicated to Spam in Hawaii? And that’s just one of the many unique celebrations happening in 2014. Here’s a list of four events you probably didn’t know existed that happen all over the world every year:


To celebrate the end of winter men run around Laza, Spain wearing nightmare masks, brandishing swords, whips, and torches in what is known as the Entroido Festival. Throughout the entire town there are ash and flour fights. At one point the figurative body parts of a donkey are distributed amongst the townsfolk deemed worthy of mockery called the testamento de burro. And don’t worry, this frenzied welcome to spring will last five days – plenty of time to try some grilled goat or pig head! If that’s not a celebration of the arrival of spring than I don’t know what is.


In Delhi, India on March 17 the Holi Festival will draw everyone into the city streets to throw handfuls of multicolored powder at one another. This vibrant occasion marks a time when people shake off the gloom of winter to rejoice in the coming of spring. In addition to the bonfires and blowout meals this celebration is sure to be a colorful one. And India isn’t the only place you can find this festival of color. Different celebrations happen every year in cities all over the United States, such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Washington D.C.!


Fan of Spam? You won’t be alone in Waikiki, Hawaii on May 3rd when they host their annual Spam Jam Festival. The festival features Spam-themed merchandise, hula dancers paying homage to Spam, and even some folks sporting cans-of-Spam costumes. Highlights of the festival include the booths in which top chefs get creative with Spam, creating unique dishes such as Spam chowder. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some tips on how to incorporate more Spam into your diet…



Get ready to take in the summer solstice amongst one of the great wonders of the world. You can do just that in Wiltshire, England where the historic site of Stonehenge has kept pagans, revelers, and druids coming back year after year. This year the Stonehenge site has welcomed some new additions, such as the Stonehenge exhibition and visitor center now in their first month of operation. In the past over 20,000 celebrants have flocked to this English Heritage site and there’s no doubt that this year will be any different. 


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