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15 Reasons to Tune into How to Get Away With Murder

“How to Get Away with Murder” is a jaw-dropping mystery-drama that follows a presitigous law professor (Viola Davis) and her students as they become entwined in a murder investigation. The show will premiere Thursday September 25th on ABC in the 10PM timeslot after “Scandal.” To view the super exciting trailer, click here.

1. Viola Davis. Duh.


2. You’ve secretly wondered how one does manage to get away with murder.


3. Watching How to Get Away is basically studying for your Intro to Justice midterm, right?


4. Because you’re already watching Grey’s and Scandal.


5. Paris Geller! Or…Amanda Tanner?


6. Because all Thursday is is not Friday.



7. Because you think this every time you have an awesome professor.




9. Because you make this face when you see adverts on Twitter.


10. Because this picture puts you on edge.


11. And you’re seeing these banners everywhere.


12. Could the cast be anymore attractive?


13. You’ve been excited for Shondaland Thursdays since before it was Shondaland Thursdays.


14. Because Dean Thomas is all grown up and in the muggle world now.


15. #TGIT

Now the question is, are you ready?


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