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11 Reasons Why Marnie is Your Spirit Animal

With one Williams out of the TV business for who knows how long, Allison Williams is the primary Williams to hold up the family name. For those who don’t know, NBC anchor, Brian Williams was recently suspended after some of his stories from past experiences were exposed as false. This leaves his daughter, Allison Williams who stars in HBO’s GIRLS as the only Williams on TV. Here are reasons why her character on GIRLS is secretly (or not secretly) your spirit animal.

1. Her dancing is on point

2. She’s true to herself

3. She’s realistic

4. She knows how to properly deal with life when it gets hard

5. She knows how to seduce men

6. She’s confident in her abilities

7. She’s confused about her life too

8. She has rough days

And a lot of them

9. She’s classy AF

10. She skips right to asking the important questions

11. And most importantly, she is very very honest

Though Marnie from GIRLS is often seen as a whiny, self-involved character, we can all relate to her at least a little. Her brutal honesty and suffering (in her own definition of suffering) adds an extra something to the show. Plus… who doesn’t wish they could have their own song, no matter how much she gets made fun of for it.

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