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“Self-care is how you take your power back.”

– Lalah Delia

Self-care or tender love & care (TLC) is one of the most needed factors in our lives. Sometimes we forget how important it is, we keep putting it back and tossing it aside. We tend to choose work, school, college, friends and family over our needs not only because it is important but because if we say no, we feel selfish and judged. Most of the time we do not think about it. That’s why I’m here, to tell you that it is not selfish saying no to a party to stay home and read a book. It is not selfish to buy yourself something that you really want and deserve. You can be the most “put together” person in you clique and still need some TLC. Buying that chocolate you really want, painting your nails that bright neon pink or even watching some reality show (my guilty pleasure is The Kardashians) is part of getting yourself ready in order to take the day, week and month like the champion you are.

An important part of Self – care is discovering your stress indicators, such as mood swings, shortening temper, feeling drained, overwhelmed, or angry. It is imperative that you use these “warning signs” to know you need “me time”. Taking care of yourself is not only intended to help you in your daily basis, but it will also improve your physical, emotional and mental health. You will feel refreshed, you will enjoy others company and love to be by yourself. Taking care of “YOU” will help in ways I can’t begin to tell you. Just by taking one hour of your day you will see the difference.

After having said all that I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things to do in my TLC’s hours. I hope you use some and share with me your favorite ones.

  1. Avoid Toxic people and relationships
  2. Say no to things you do not want to do
  3. Do things that make YOU happy.
  4. Forget the things you “should” do and do what you WANT
  5. Take that nap honey!
  6. Read the book you have on that shelve waiting for you (Even if its Twilight, I do it from time to time).
  7. Listen to a podcast
  8. Declutter your wardrobe and donate what you don’t need
  9. Unplug from social media
  10. Take a nice hot bath while listening to some music
- Clinical Psychology PhD, Carlos Albizu Student - Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico - 26 years of age - I love to travel, love animals and enjoy being with my family & friends
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