She is not your competition

There is an urban legend that we have come to known were women have to fight with each other in order to be first. Society suggests that we have to compete every single day to be the one to make it. “You have to be a shark”, “You have to be better”, “You are so much better than her” this are some of the sentences we hear every day, every minute of every hour.

Let me tell you a secret… it is exhausting trying to be better than the one beside you. STOP right now, the person right next to you is not your competition, she is your friend, she is your sister, you job partner, fellow college student. Yes, we do compete with each other, but why does that make us critic one another? There is no need for that, there is no need to hate each other. We need to stop viewing other women as an obstacle to our happiness.

I am my competition, my worse enemy as soon as I start comparing myself to other women. It is our job to start silencing those toxic voices that make us see the world as a dark competitive place. I invite all of you to begin focusing on ourselves, forget that voice that tells us the only way to better ourselves is by comparing and competing with each other. Striving for perfection should not be our goal in life. I believe that we are capable of doing better, our goal should be trying to better ourselves because we want to, not because we are told or because we are looking for perfection. Nobody expects you to be perfect, no one wants you to.

I know its difficult. Trust me I have heard it, I see it every day on Facebook, on Instagram, YouTube, College and even at the mall. It takes time but you have to trust yourself, you are enough. She is not your competition; she is just another beautiful woman making it work any way she can. Don’t ever forget that you are amazing, beautiful and unique in your own way. You matter and you are enough.