Self- affirmations? Tell yourself something worth hearing!

Some say we are what we eat. I say we become what we believe and practice. The truth is that we believe what we tell our selves constantly and that’s the main reason why our internal speech is so important. When we tell ourselves that we are not important, loved, special, intelligent or pretty, we will soon start to feel not important, unloved, ordinary, dumb, and ugly. So what can we do about that?

Self-affirmations are a way to wire our brain so that we start to believe what we really are by saying those things to ourselves. In fact, many studies have shown that there is a significant relation between what we say to ourselves and the way we feel and experiment daily activities.

So how do we start a self-affirmation plan? First you should identify what are you are currently telling yourself. Then you separate those negative, unwanted sayings. Hint: they usually appear, as self-critical thoughts like: “I would be prettier if I had longer hair" or "I have no help, therefore I don’t matter to others.” After that, start writing the truth about yourself. Hint: it’s often the exact opposite of what you are currently telling yourself like: “I have people that love and support me when I reach out.” Finally, once you write every affirmation start repeating all of them as many times a day as you can. Say them out loud and repeat them in your mind. If you feel like sharing them with someone else, do it! Get a partner who can say those affirmations to you and remind you to meet your daily quota.

Having that in mind here are some examples of self-affirmations that you can start saying to yourself today:

"I am worthy of love."

"I am confident."

"Today I’m conquering my fears."

"I’m perfectly imperfect, special and unique."

"I love who I am and the person I’m becoming."

"I am smart, competent and capable."

"I am proud of what I have accomplished."

"I will work hard to meet my goals."

"I trust myself."

"I am responsible for my actions and I honor my word."