How Not to Look Like You Pulled an All-Nighter

It happens to most of us. You stayed up all night binging on that new Netflix series your best friend told you about or you stayed up late cramming for that midterm exam you need to pass in order to not fail the semester. For whatever reason, the sun is about to come out, the birds are chirping, and you’re faced with the sad realization that a new day is about to start and you haven’t gotten a single minute of sleep.

I’ve been there — and it sucks. Few things are as terrifying. 

I learned many things as an undergraduate student in college, but if there’s one thing I got really good at, it was pulling all-nighters. More specifically, how not to look like one of the living dead the morning after. (What a feather in my cap, I know!). 

With midterms just around the corner, I thought I’d share my tips on how to once again look like a human being after a night of bad sleep. I sincerely hope you won't need these, but let’s face it: this is college. Sooner or later, you will. 


Take a Shower. Seriously. It might seem obvious, but when you’re tired and feeling rushed you might be tempted to skip your usual shower. DON’T! Get in there and exfoliate your face with your favorite morning scrub, even if it is just for five minutes. The face scrub will help brighten your face and the warm water will help to wake you up. 

Get Rid of Dark Circles. I know, I know. The bags under your eyes are Chanel. (Nobody else knows that, though!) Use cold compresses under your eyes to reduce puffiness or slather on some concealer to combat bluish, under-eye circles. 

Add a Red Lip. This one’s for you, ladies! Even if you’re not big on make-up, try it out. A simple, red lip will instantly brighten your whole face. 

Take the Stairs. Get that blood flowing! Try walking or taking the stairs for an instant glow. 

Prepare Something for Your Face. If you have the time, put on a quick 5-minute face mask before heading out the door to tone your overall complexion. If you don’t own one, there’s dozens of DIY face mask recipes online that you can try.

Throw on Some Shades. If all else fails, go old school and just hide behind your favorite pair of shades. You'll be exhausted, but at least you'll look chic, girl.  

Happy studying!

Until next time,