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Homesickness during the semester: How to deal

Leaving for college is an overall adjustment, it’s hard, different, unknown, stressful and chances are you won’t have your family or friends there physically for you. Sometimes you will have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that this process is necessary. What I can tell you is the first couple of days or weeks depending how you adjust will probably be the hardest because everything is so overwhelming and you don’t know what to expect you have to deal with college throwing things at you (that’s how it feels sometimes) plus being alone with this whole bunch of new people. What I can tell you is if you feel like you need to let it all out one day and cry do it, as they say in Spanish “llorar te purifica el alma” which means that crying cleans your soul, and  it really does and you will feel much more better after it. If you need time for yourself take a walk around campus, go to a near coffee shop or mall, discover a new study spot sometimes it’s truly necessary. Additional to all of this here I share a few tips on how to deal with homesickness during your college period.

How to deal with the Homesickness during the semester:

1. Make your room at college feel like home away from home: whether you have a dorm, shared room or apartment make sure you feel comfortable in it. Decorate it how you want to, bring some stuff from your house and incorporate them in your new room, have a study spot, make your bed comfy the ideas are endless you can check Pinterest for more inspiration and you can follow our page Her Campus Albizu.

2. Put yourself out there: Yes, you read that right get out of your room. Whenever you have time go to that party your classmate invited you to, go shopping with your roommate, go to the club fair take advantage of everything college has to offer you if you stay behind closed doors it will be harder for you to adjust to your new life.

3. Keep yourself busy: Go and sign up for clubs it’s a great way for networking and making friends with similar interests to you, always do your homework and assigned reading it will make everything easier for when you need to study for midterms, enjoy your social life and if you don’t have any make one they say it’s really fun during college and finally explore everything in and out of campus you never know if you will come back after college.

4. Have a balance with loved ones: With this being said is that you should talk to your family and friends from back home but don’t be stuck texting, calling and video chatting with them all day everyday this will make you miss home more and neither you or them will learn how to adjust to this new chapter in your life.

5.If it’s too much consider tour decision: Even doing everything recommended and you still feel sick to your stomach of being away from home you should consider looking for professional help, usually at your campus you can find cheap or free counseling. And you should talk with your parents about the possibility of studying closer to home, but weigh the pros and cons of every decision.

Have fun while it lasts, and make the most out of this experience you never know how much you will miss it when it’s gone. Learn how to be independent and don’t do anything you know you will regret remember the point of being successful in college is to have a balance. I wish you a semester full of accomplishments collegiate and remember you are not alone.



Yarilix Santos is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She is a DCP fall intern 2016  and research assistant. Loves to read, write and travel. In her free time you can find her either searching for new places to eat at Old San Juan or in a near coffee shop. She plans to go to grad school and study Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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