Blinding Love

The feeling of being trapped and having no escape between a crowd of people is something that should not be wished upon anybody. In many cases those that endure domestic violence fear to speak up and ask for help, because they have been force fed by their abuser the thought that they will most likely not be believed, while in other cases they are simply threatened with death. Bringing awareness to this subject and shinning light allows those in the dark to be able to have a sense of safety knowing someone is willing to listen and help. Here I leave a short poem on domestic violence. Those that are going through domestic violence please speak up and you will be heard.You are not alone.


Blinding Love by Luz Limage

"Sometimes love blinds you. 

Even if your partner is in the wrong, you will claim they are right. 

You have accepted all the flaws. 

But yet you don’t know of all the damage that truly has been caused. 

All the bruises and blood scattered, but yet you believe to them you actually matter. 

It is difficult for one to open their eyes. 

To be able to see behind all the lies. 

Some can’t open their eyes on their own, but gratefully you are not alone. 

Several have been in the same situation as you. 

Speak up and don’t endure the abuse." 


If you or someone you know is enduring domestic violence please contact the police or call The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)