The Women's March on Washington

On January 21 hundreds of women in Washington D.C and other metropolitan cities around the world gathered to protest about issues that affect women. This comes just one day after in inauguration of President Donald Trump. During his inauguration, protesters took the streets of D.C to protest Trump taking office. They smashed storefronts, set garbage cans on fire, and were pepper sprayed by police. The women’s march the next day had a different tone. 

I watched as women from all walks of life marched to protest the new president and the causes he stood for many of which affect women directly. Women were seen carrying signs that said, “This pussy grabs back!” in reference to Trump's comments made about how he treats women. Many White, Black, Trans, Indigenous, Muslim, and Latina women took the stage before the march began to speak about the causes that they care about the most.  

This march was not only in Washington as it spread to cities like Philadelphia, NYC, Los Angeles, London, and Stockholm. These women and men marched in solidarity to protect the rights of women. These right will be in danger as we switch over to the Trump administration. With the removal of the Affordable Care Act and possibly Planned Parenthood, reproductive health may become in danger for women especially lower income women. 

Performances included Madonna and Maxwell and many celebrities attended such as Amy Schumer, Amber Rose, Chrissy Teigen, and may more. The event was broadcasted on news channels such as CNN and CSPAN.