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Her Campus at UAB Black America

Jordan JaDella Smith On November 22, 2018, Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was fatally shot at a mall in Hoover, Alabama. On Thanksgiving...

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Why You Should Vote

When it comes to politics, young adults make many excuses for hating it. People dislike the conflict and debate, maybe it’s too confusing...

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The Women’s March on Washington

History was made as thousands of women stood and marched together to protest against issues that affect women. This marked an important time in history because for younger generations...

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Does Voting Really Matter?

This election has conjured up a large mix of emotions for so many people. It has also brought about many needed conversations about equal...

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Why I Stand with Colin Kaepernick

Allow me to address the mostly conservative group of people in America that have deemed Kaepernick’s protest as disrespectful: you’re white.