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Two failed situationships back to back. The first one developed one night in August, which was a very special day for me

Something about the way I moved my body on the dance floor

Caught your attention so you ease your body close to mine and

We started dancing and didn’t stop until the place closed

You invited me back to your place and ever since that night it became a routine

I had to be with you every chance I got

You seemed to be enjoying my company so why not?

Never thought to ask you if you wanted something more than just sex because 

I was scared of REJECTION so I stayed quiet 

Gladly I didn't ask because things started to change 

You became distant and this distance affected me in a way I don’t think I will ever forgive you for 

So you became BLOCKED out of my life

Second attempt failed because of the same reason, but


You found me when I least expected it

I didn’t give you the green light right away because I was still dealing with my first situationship

That eventually ended and I gave you a chance 

All it took me was five months to charm me but once you had me that charm went away


You were mean 


Manipulative, but

I couldn’t see it because 

I was so blinded by the fact you said those three words 


You loved me and that was all I heard but didn’t see

Your actions didn’t match those words to me

The disrespect didn’t match those words to me

You told me you loved me, so I told you I loved you too

The only difference is my actions were identical to my words

I held you down emotionally, physically, and financially when I felt like you needed me

In return you gave me NOTHING 

Nothing to hold on to 

Nothing to be strong for

Nothing to look forward to but something to be so scared to let go of


I refuse to let you go because I didn’t want to be alone

It was so easy to finally let go of my first failed attempt, but why not you 


You TOLD me things would CHANGE and I came running back 

The only thing that change was my feelings for you

Each and every day they became nonexistent and

As I write this today I will remember what you did to me and make sure I never put myself in that situation again

I will value my worth and believe the next man when he tells me he TRULY LOVES ME

Both inside and out

Flaws and all

I will NOT make him pay for your mistakes 

My love for him will be the greatest of them all because 

It will be REAL and GENUINE 


My name is Omni Cierra Latimer. I am 23 years old. I am a Leo. My passion is writing and I want to work for a blog in the future.
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