My Crush Has a Crush

The pun is brilliant isn’t it? It’s happened to me, it’s probably happened to you, and any female you know. The point is, it happens. The guy you’ve been sitting behind in English class for half a semester and just mustarded up the confidence to talk to, or your best guy friend who you’ve so happened to fall for, might just be emotionally off the market. So what does that mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of the running. There’s still a chance that you can steal his heart away, and bask into the sunset with him on any island of your choice. Here’s some tips for you ladies who are ready to put up a good fight!

1.Don’t Fight.

I know I just suggested putting up a good fight. But Tip #1 is that it’s just not worth it. Someone very wise told me a long time ago that whatever’s meant to be, will eventually be. Just because he’s crushing on someone else right now, doesn’t mean that there can’t be a future for you, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that girl he’s crushing on is crushing back on him. I know you’re thinking “Well that’s easy for you to say,” but it’s true! Just relax girl, let it come naturally. If this tactic is to calm for your liking, then simply scroll down.


And when I say strategize, I mean stalk hunny. Find out what he likes. Find out where he hangs out on the weekends, and after classes are done. Have a mutual friend? Plan a get together, and invite them both so it won’t seem awkward.

Make conversation with him whenever you get the chance, so he knows that not only are you easy to talk to, but that you both might share something in common. For those that are shy, try leaving your comfort zone. If you both have class together, ask him about his homework from time to time to strike up a conversation.

Are you having troubles in that class? Ask him if he understands the material or not. Even if he does or doesn’t, he’ll still need to study, so ask him if he would like to set up a study group, and if you’re lucky maybe it could just be you and him.

If he’s already your friend, then that’s even better. You already know everything about him. Just apply yourself into his daily schedule, and make more time to do what he likes to do. Does he play a sport? Show up to his games, maybe even take him out after. Is he always loaded with homework? Bring him a snack to the library from time to time to let him know that you care. Get your head in the game!

3.Ask Around.

So word got around that your crush is crushing on his crush, and his crush is crushing on my crush! Wow! Mind boggling. Ladies, this is how the world works. Somebody will always have the latest gossip of who likes who, who hooked up, and which campus couples just called it quits.

Maybe you can ask that mutual friend of yours if they’ve heard anything about your crush lately, or even ask them to find out in confidence if they’ve made a move on their crush yet. No mutual friend? Listen to the streets my dear.

Gossip travels faster than the wind these days. Stick your ear out to any gossip that may be circulating around and see what you can find out about him. Don’t make it creepy, but just simply listen and ask nonchalantly.

“Oh I thought he was single. Is he dating anyone?” or maybe even. “I know someone who was interested in him, is he still interested in [insert his crushes name here].” Gathering information before cutting your losses or making plans is always your safest bet.

4.Tell the truth.

This is for the dare devils out there who don’t have the time to wait around. Simply tell the man how you feel! Your best bet would be to tell him in person rather than through text for a more formal answer and explanation if things happen to go sour.

Why waste your time going through the grapevine when you could go straight to the source? Maybe approach him after class, or sometime when you see him around campus and he’s alone.

It’s a quicker method, but also risky because he might just tell you exactly what you’ve been fearing all along; he’s off the market. But guess what? You won’t have to waste your time going through the motions of someone else having to tell you he’s off the market. Plus, he’ll know that you were interested. So when the day comes that he is available and dating again, he might just holla back if he’s interested too.