Insecure - Poetry Alert!

Insecurities, she has a lot of those,

inside and out.

A person who is always there for others,

who looks out for them more than their self.

It can take a toll on the mind body and soul.

May lead to depression taking over and happiness decaying.

Without happiness she may not be able to feel that good energy or sweet love from a man,

when he is trying to give it to her.

Her past is the cause of that.

She’s been used, lied to and taken for granted.

So why would she let another walk into that door her heart is on the other side of?

To save her the trouble.

She hides behind her school work , her family and her writing.

Her family because she knows the ones who will always have her back.

Her mother to be number one.

Her school work because of course her degree will get her to that bag.

Her writing because it is the only one who knows her pain.

Knows how she really feels deep down inside.

It doesn’t judge her.

It doesn’t hurt her.

It doesn’t play her.

It’s just there to listen and be there for her through it all

So with all these insecurities

Who’s willing to deal with those?

Who’s willing to make those insecurities go away?

Forever Is her heart really healed?

Or is there something else she is hiding?

Is she really afraid of a relationship going to extreme measures like pro long years falling in love/ marriage/kids?

Is having kids her biggest fear?

Because that chance was presented & taken away from her in a matter of months

Did she really forgive him?

Did she really forgive herself?

No one really knows, she blames herself.

Before she would only blame him and everyone else.

Is that maybe why she hasn’t found the one?

Or fallen in love yet?

Because that is something she hasn’t discovered yet

Her heart hasn’t been broken because she broke up with her first love, but because it’s been

stomped on.