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Whether we’re away from home for just a few nights or have completely picked up and moved from everything we’ve ever known in hopes of tapping into a new source of opportunities, homesickness is something that none of us are immune to. Generally, it can be hard adjusting to new surroundings. The different faces around us all the time, the new sleeping arrangements we find ourselves in, and the lack of ability to see our loved ones, besides through a screen, poses a great learning curve that, sometimes, just makes us want to call it quits and make our way home.

In all actuality, though, it’s not meant to be easy, and it is oftentimes these hardships that make the benefits of the new life you’re working towards all the more rewarding when achieved. Give yourself a pat on the back because what you’re going through is normal and, honestly, quite tough!

On the hard days when you’re feeling especially lonely, try to remember why you are where you are in the first place and persist in your efforts in the name of that reason. Your family and friends aren’t going anywhere, and think of this as a bonus where you can meet new people to add to the group that makes up your support system.

When I’m feeling homesick, there are a few things I do to make myself feel better. All of them relate to each other in the idea of distraction and/or connecting with the people who bring us back to our roots.

1.) Facetime a family member or friend.

2.) Write about it in a journal.

3.) Listen to some music that you associate with home.

4.) Work on upcoming assignments- sometimes, distraction is key.

5.) A little retail therapy here and there never hurt anybody…

6.) Send letters back and forth to family members at home.

7.) Get in some comfy clothes and watch a movie.

8.) Make a groupchat of people from home you enjoy talking to and send each other funny memes.

9.) Decorate a calendar or designated spot in your planner for the days you’re able to visit home.

10.) Go through your camera roll and reflect on the memories you’ve been lucky enough to have at home with the people there.

Dealing with homesickness is not easy, but it becomes easier when you realize that you are not alone in this feeling, and that with each passing day it will be a little less hard than the one before. Ultimately, you should be so proud of yourself for using your full potential to lay down the building blocks for a successful life, and believe in yourself that you can do it and will succeed. Take it day by day and stay close to your roots while understanding that it is okay to branch out.


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