Zac Efron Made a YouTube Channel, So Say Hello to Your New Favorite Vlogger

Joining the ranks of his celebrity-gone-YouTuber peers, i.e. Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch, Zac Efron recently hopped aboard the vlog train. This year has been full of pivotal moments for Efron, from the buzzy Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile to the stoner-tastic The Beach Bum, 2019 has kept him pretty busy.

Zac is stoked to show another side of himself on his channel. His first ever YouTube video went up on March 30. The video, “We Spent 96 Hours In The Desert… | Off the Grid”, holds a small description, “It’s official guys. I’m on YouTube!”

The vlog is the first of his adventurous series Off the Grid with Zac and Dylan. We catch of a glimpse of the real Zac as he journies with his brother, Dylan, and his best buds to Lake Mohave. The guys spend four days swimming, camping, tubing and working out with the rocks they find on the beach (“just because we’re off the grid doesn’t mean we can’t train”), sleeping in sleeping bags outside the whole time. Zac may be a totally rich and famous celeb, but he shows that he is still just like everyone else and enjoys a little backcountry camping getaway.

This vlog will get you into the nomad spirit—bonus, it doubles as a drinking game; take a shot every time someone says “off the grid”. Totally kidding Zac, don’t hate me.

Within the first four days of his upload, Zac already amassed 220 thousand subscribers and 28 thousand likes—myself included in both of course.

With new videos every week, we are super excited to see what comes next. Alongside Off the Grid, Zac will also be making fitness and nutrition vlogs in his other series, Gym Time. I’m expecting to pop out instant washboard abs after watching those.

There is something humbling about watching celebs’ lives behind the scenes, doing normal activities—spoiler: we get to see Zac brushing his teeth and it’s not even an electric toothbrush, gasp—it makes them more relatable and serves as a great reminder: we’re all human, even the rich and famous like to rough it in the dirt sometimes.