My Favorite Workout App

Working out has never been an easy thing for me. Not because I don't enjoy it, but more because I have confidence issues. Going to the gym, I'm always comparing myself to the other people there. I feel extremely judged all the time and it is just an uncomfortable experience for me. 

I've always known that "at home" workout apps were a thing. I've actually tried about 10 that just never seemed to work for me. They didn't motivate me enough, or I didn't feel like the workouts were enjoyable or thorough enough. Over and over I felt defeated and unsure of what to do next. I'd try to go to the gym with my fitness-loving boyfriend and I absolutely hated it. He's a wonderful coach and super patient, but I hate the environement of the gym. So one last time, I decided I'd try yet another workout app––and this one was different. I loved it. 

8fit is an app that is not only for workouts, but for meal planning as well. You can try it free for 15 days and then you have to purchase a subscription. It's $60 for a full year of access, which is less than some gym memberships for a month. I think it's probably the best $60 I've spent because it's for my health. 

The workouts are quick and high intensity. You can focus on specific areas, or you can follow the plan they make for you based off of your body type, current physical level and personal body goals. After you work out they ask if you'd like to set a calendar reminder for the next day to remind you to work out again. It's an easy and non-pushy way to get you back on the app. There is no guilt involved, which is my favorite part of the whole experience. If I feel that I'm being guilt tripped into something, I really don't want to go back to it. 


The meal prep portion of the app is another incredible amenity. When starting, it allows you to pick what foods you're allergic to, how much variety you'd like, the types of food you eat and what meals you would like (I'm more of just a lunch and dinner kind of gal). You can look at your plan for the entire week. You'll want to make sure it's all things that look good to you, if the meal doesn't look like something you'd want, you can swap out the meal for one of the other more appetizing things. Once you're happy with the plan for the week, they will give you a shopping list! It's the easiest meal planner that I've ever found. And to top it off, the food is delicious!


So if you've always struggled with going to the gym or meal planning, try out 8fit. Take advantage of the free 15 days and see if it's the right fit for you. I know this isn't going to be the fix-all plan for everyone, I've spent a lot of time trying and failing my way through other apps, but it's worth giving this one a shot. It's easy to do from home and they've done most of the work to make it an easy step in the right direction. All you've got to do is get out there and give it your best.