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You are not late.

Sure, we all experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) occasionally when we see our friends out, but what about when we feel like we are missing out or delayed in a certain area of our life? It’s an unavoidable voice that tells us that we are too unproductive or wasting precious time.

For some, it’s that suddenly you are in college and have never been in a serious relationship, a milestone that society tells us should have happened during high school. Or maybe you are watching your friends get internships, land cool jobs, or travel the world. You feel that you missed a deadline. It’s hard to not get caught up in the successes of others and compare them to your own, especially now when everything is posted online.

Next time you open Instagram or Snapchat, remember that no one is posting their failures or rough seasons. There is a certain aesthetic to posts on social media. Most people only post their successes, vacation photos, and other lighthearted posts. We have to remember to not be so quick to judge. It’s so easy to assume we know everything about a person based on their social media posts, but most often this is not the case. Ask yourself: “How can I be jealous about something or someone I don’t even know much about?” Don’t assume someone has it all together just by their posts, we all struggle with different things and we all have our rough seasons.

Society tries to tell us that there are certain things  in our life that just must happen at a certain age or season of life. But the truth is, something that happened for someone at 18 might not be in the cards for you until you’re 25. That does not make it any less of a victory for you. What happens to you and when it happens is an important piece of your story that makes you YOU. We all have different experiences and paths in life, but instead of judging and bringing each other down we can choose to learn and support each other. So rather than letting envy and jealousy win, we can look up to those that inspire us and acknowledge and be vulnerable about our own struggles.  Be proud of the individuality of your story and know that any and every trial and setback you face will only make you stronger.

The most important thing to remember is that you are already enough! Celebrate the small victories in your life. You went on a run after a really hard week? YAY. You cleaned your room after not having the motivation for months to do so? YAY! Find joy in the little things and soon you will see joy everywhere.

You are not late, but rather right on time. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and you will end up exactly where you need to be. So, in the meantime, enjoy the anticipation and keep your spirits up. You are growing and learning. There is still so much time for you to receive everything you wish for.

Takera Davis

Alabama '23

Takera is a sophomore at The University of Alabama pursuing a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. In her free time, she enjoys painting, writing, and trying new things! She hopes to work with children one day and make a difference in her community.
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