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Your hair is dead- literally. Hair can be hard to take care of; you might not be doing enough or maybe you’re not doing it right. I went 7 years trying to grow out my hair only for it to be dry and brassy. So, I chopped it all off, followed the hair goddess @lilyvanbrooklyn on TikTok, and started to make hair care a priority. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive shampoo on the market, but there are a few things to look out for.

Avoid sulfates and other grating ingredients.

When you’re trying a brand of shampoo and conditioner, be sure to check for a harsh ingredient called sulfate. Sulfate is a strong cleaner that strips moisture from your hair, and many brands pride themselves on being “sulfate free.” You should also look out for other ingredients, like fragrances, and start doing your own research to find the best products. After that first wash with a healthy shampoo, you’ll really feel the difference!

Ditch the cotton.

I know it’s super convenient to use that thick, fluffy cotton towel to quickly dry off, but it can pull at your hair and cause unseen damage. Try switching to a microfiber hair towel —T.J. Maxx has a pretty great selection—or even use a thin-cotton t-shirt. Even if it’s cotton, a t-shirt won’t cause breakage. You should also switch those cotton pillow covers to silk. Not only will your pillow stay cold on both sides at night, but the silk won’t cause damage. Silk is better for your skin too! If you’re on a budget, satin pillowcases are a great option as well.

Rice water for hair growth.

If you’re trying to grow your hair into long, luscious locks, try using a rice water rinse. You can make your own ~cold~ rice water at home, then use it while rinsing in the shower. Rice water does not literally make your hair grow, rather it repairs the hair to promote growth.

Hair masks are great, but keep it minimal.

You don’t necessarily need a thousand different hair products in your hair. I personally only use a leave-in conditioner to keep my waves intact and an argon oil for shine. I also use a moisturizing mask right before I hop in the shower. Look into products that are specifically geared toward your type of hair.  

To wash or not wash?

Washing your hair is an art, and you shouldn’t be washing every day. You don’t want to take away those natural oils, nor do you want them to sit for too long. Figure out how many days you can go without a wash & stick to that routine!

If you can’t airdry, try a diffusor.  

Obviously, heat can cause significant damage to your hair, but saying bye-bye to the flatiron is a no-no. Instead, try limiting the amount of heat you use by putting a diffuser on your blow-dryer so the air is dispersed. And if you’re going to use heat, be sure to use a heat protectant.

If you want to go above and beyond, ask your hairdresser what products they’re using in your hair. Your hair may feel dead, and if it does, that means it’s time for improvement. Check your products and change those sheets; keeping your hair alive and healthy is an absolute must!

Marissa is a current senior majoring in English with a double minor in creative writing and human development. Originally from Sacramento, California, she loves meeting new people and learning about different environments. When she's not rereading Jane Austen, she loves being a coach for little kids and petting dogs all day.
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