What Your Class Notes Say About Your Personality

  • Illegible handwriting: Your handwriting is so messy; people make comments on a daily basis, "Wow, you write like a boy." You often don't care of what others think and drum to your own beat.
  • Very organized: You usually seem "put together" and your friends call you a perfectionist. You overthink everything, driving yourself crazy. This can affect relationships because you analyze their every move. You constantly strive to feel like you "have your life together," but let's be real. Who has their life together in college??

  • Your notes replicate the PowerPoint, Roman numerals and all: You work incessantly to replicate the prof's notes. If the indentation is off, you redo it. You may be trying to be someone that you aren't. Instead, you should find your own style that works for you. You'll learn better that way, too!
  • Doodles everywhere:  Your mind is somewhere else. You may have a lot going on and Christopher Columbus is the last thing you want to be talking about. Creativity is one of your strengths and sometimes you feel like you have too much. Your thoughts overload until you get them down on paper.


  • Lots of detail, jotting down everything the prof says: Lectures are a constant race, quickly scribbling, "*professor yawns." You are always in too many clubs, trying to do too many things. Your resume may outshine those around you, but you are too exhausted to appreciate it.
  • Blank: This could mean a variety of things. You may have stayed up all night studying for another class, and don't hold the energy to write one word. You may think you are too cool for notes; people have described you as "too cool for school," as you roll your eyes. Or maybe notes don’t help you at all. Some would rather soak in all the information verbally.