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The Truth About Being a College Student Amidst a Pandemic

With a new semester comes the hope of academic success and memories to be made with friends. The unfortunate part of it all is that our experiences differ from those students before us. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone differently, and our world will never truly be the same after it. 

The truth is college as we once knew does not exist anymore. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that adjusting to college in the midst of a pandemic is really difficult. Learning to do school completely online, for the most part, when it was once in person is a huge adjustment itself. As a student, I used to enjoy walking to class with my friends, going to school events, and so much more. Additionally, not being able to meet new faces or collaborate with fellow classmates is something that has definitely been an adjustment for me, as well as many other college students. 

When looking at the social aspect of college during a global pandemic, a lot of activities that normally would have happened have been terminated. As an incoming freshman especially, there are challenges presented that no one had to experience during their first year. Something that has helped me a lot during the midst of all of this chaos has been following a routine, setting aside down time for myself, and staying connected with friends and family. Furthermore, those who have contracted COVID-19 personally know the challenges that this illness can cause. For myself, when I tested positive for COVID-19, my roommates and I had to figure out ways in which we could effectively get our work done, while also trying to take care of our mental and physical health. Personally, I’m an active girl, so being quarantined for two weeks was definitely a challenge. I made a daily routine so I would get up and move, forcing myself to at least do something each day. 

Although the pandemic has presented many challenges itself, the positives are not to be looked past. As a college community, we have grown closer in this challenge that we all face together. There is an unspoken understanding between students that this is a very hard time, so being able to come together and support each other is very important. 

Lexi Carson

Alabama '23

Outside of Her Campus I love spending time with my friends, watching movies, and volunteering at DCH hospital!
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