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This is Your Sign to Work at Mezz Entertainment

As college students, it’s easy to have goals and want to pursue them but often hard to find where to begin. For sophomore Katie Harper, she’s one step closer to reaching her goals with her current internship at Mezz Entertainment.

Mezz Entertainment (Mezz) is a female-owned and operated entertainment company based in New York City. Though Katie’s internship is remote, she’s had the opportunity to work closely with founder Roanne (Ro) Mesirow to gain hands-on experience in the music industry. “My day-to-day work schedule involves researching companies, clubs and colleges that our clients would like to work with,” said Katie. “Then, I will pitch our clients to them if I feel they would be a good fit.”

Katie describes Ro as the definition of a girl boss who leads the entire team to secure the best opportunities for their clients. “At Mezz, I am never treated less than anyone even though I’m one of the newest members of the team,” said Katie. “I’m involved in all of the decision-making and play a crucial role in every project.” Ro has made it clear to all her interns to treat this internship like a real job, as interning at Mezz isn’t running coffee errands but working closely with clients and being an integral part of the team.

Apart from real-world experience, Ro hopes her interns leave Mezz as better people than what they started. “I want them to gain self-confidence,” said Ro. “I work with them to help them get rid of their limiting beliefs. I’ve seen major transformations from when they start versus when they leave, and they start walking into rooms with their heads held high.”

Mezz was only founded in early 2018 and currently has eight clients, but they are working on growing that number by the end of the year. And within the next year, apart from teaching her interns’ useful skills in the professional world, Ro hopes to break an artist with the help of her team. With that said, be on the lookout for artists managed by Mezz—they’re talented, driven, and ready to make their mark in the entertainment industry. For more information on Mezz Entertainment, you can visit their website here and check out their Instagram and Twitter. If you’re a hungry and passionate student interested in artist management, social media and digital media and are interested in working for Mezz, you can apply on their website or through LinkedIn.

Hailey is a sophomore studying Public Relations with a concentration in Sports & Entertainment Communication Management at the University of Alabama. When she's not busy with school, she loves to travel, go to concerts, and dream about her future.
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