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Too many times, the word “sorority” sounds like such a silly thing. There are many stereotypes associated with these organizations and the girls who call themselves sorority women. But a sorority is so much more than what outsiders see it as. A sorority is many things; a sorority is…

A place where women can better themselves.

Every sorority has rules and guidelines for how a member should present themselves; every sorority has standards. They encourage each other to act and be their best. They hold their members accountable and remind them that everything action has an equal and opposite effect.


A place to further academic studies.

Among the standards sororities hold their members to is academics. Every sorority has a GPA requirement for their members, and if it is not met there are consequences (including, being removed from the sorority). Sorority women did not come to school to be in a sorority, they came to get a degree. Many sororities require study hall hours for members who have not met the minimum GPA requirement to help them get on the right track.


A place where women can give back.

All sororities have a philanthropy group that they raise money for throughout the year. They put on events to raise funds for great causes that help people in the US, and around the world.  This allows members to explain their worldviews and give back to their community.


A place where women can empower each other.

A sorority is a community of women bonded together by their membership and love for their sisters. It is a place where girls can be girls and come together to do amazing things together. Whether through academics, extracurriculars, or job opportunities, each member has a group of girls behind her – supporting her and aiding her any way they can.


A place women can call home.

College can be a scary place, especially for students coming from out-of-state. Sororities offer a safe and comforting place for members to feel loved and supported.


Sororities are for more than date parties and swaps; they allow women to form lasting friendships, grow as individuals, bettering your academics, supporting a great cause, and surrounding yourself with some incredible young women.


I am from North Carolina.I am currently a junior majoring in Marketing at UA.
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