Shhhower Cap Review: I'm Never Washing My Hair Again!

I hate washing my hair. It adds an extra twenty minutes to my shower routine what with all of the washing, rinsing and repeating, not to mention the dry time and styling that eats up most of my morning. So more often than not, I opt out of washing my hair in the shower and instead reach for a shower cap or a hair clip that will keep my hair dry. Or, mostly dry.

So when I came across the Shhhower Cap, a revolutionary new invention in a mostly untapped market, I had to try it out for myself. The Shhhower Cap bills itself as completely waterproof, anti-bacterial, machine washable, stylish and virtually indestructible. As in I can stop using plastic shower caps within an inch of their life. (Not to mention save the environment while I'm at it by cutting down on the wet plastic that I throw away). The 43 dollar price tag gave me pause, but with all the time I'd be saving in the shower, not to mention the money I would no longer be throwing away on disposable shower caps, I decided to get my own.

The Shhhower Cap is gorgeous and comes in nine prints and four colors. And only one size. I was a little worried about fitting all my hair into the cap (I have a lot of hair) but some of the Rapunzel reviewers said they had room to spare in their caps, so I decided on my print. I chose the Delia, a fun daisy print I wouldn't mind being seen around the communal bathrooms in. Three days later, my Delia arrived and I was ready to test it out.

First of all, millennial pink is more alive than ever. The packaging was darling and smart, and very durable. If I would ever travel with my Shhhower Cap, I could definitely reuse the box it came in.

The cap itself took a bit of finagling to get all of my hair in, but it was snug and comfortable when I finally got all my locks in. The band on the front promises not to leave a mark like traditional shower cap, so I was siked to be able to jump out of the shower and not look like I was wearing a too tight headband. The cap looked ADORABLE on. I would wear it out to a party. It was very comfortable and breathable, just as the website had promised. I felt very glam, and was ready to shower.

The website also promised to cut down on the raindrum sound most shower caps make when in the shower (The water hits them and it sounds very close to a hurricane hitting a tin drum. Super annoying.) I didn't notice much of a difference here, but the material wicked away any moisture when I turned the water off. I could shake the remaining water off the cap, and it was as dry as it had been when I had taken it out. Now to see if my hair really did stay dry.





I couldn't believe it. My head wasn't even damp! This is a total game-changer for day two hair (and day three, because who am I kidding?) I can safely say that this is the best thing to happen to lazy girls since dry shampoo. It's glam, environmentally friendly and (in my opinion) worth the expense. My hair was as happy as I was, and now I can't wait to show off my Shhhower Cap in the shower. Shower smarter, not harder, collegiettes!