Role Model Spotlight: Danielle Peazer

In a world that has so much negativity on social media, Danielle Peazer does her best to radiate positivity through her own. “I’m definitely not always positive and have some days when I feel a little rubbish but on social media I try to be as positive as possible,” said Peazer. “There are far too many bad things happening in the world that people don’t want to then go onto Instagram and see anymore negativity. I want to give people something to smile about and hopefully inspire them in some way.” 

Danielle is a well known dancer and model. Danielle can also be found on Youtube on her successful channel. Before her professional dance career and all the success that followed, she was just a little girl who loved to dance.  

“I started dancing when I was two,” Peazer said. “So I’m not sure where my love came from, it was something that just grew and I guess I got kind of addicted to going to dance classes and having a great time with my friends there.” Danielle has had a incredibly successful career as a professional dancer. Peazer attended the English National Ballet School where she worked hard and trained harder to achieve her dream. 

 “Whoever thinks being a dancer is just pretty costumes, the lights, and glamour defiantly needs to try a week training like one.Your assumptions will quickly be sqaushed,” Danielle said in a recent Youtube video on her channel.

 Her first professional job was dancing at the BRIT Awards with Leona Lewis in 2008. “It was only my first job and I had a long way to go,” Peazer said. “But to me I’d felt like I’d made it and had finally achieved my goal of becoming a professional dancer.” 

After that first job, her career as a professional dancer flourished. Danielle has performed along side entertainers such as Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, and Robbie Williams. Peazer has danced on tours, in stadiums in front of 90,000, and she was a dancer on the X Factor. Danielle recently said on her Youtube channel that one of her favorite jobs was dancing at the 2012 Olympics in London.  

When she’s not rocking the stage, Danielle is working with global brands such as Reebok, Garnier and Clinique. Peazer said working with these brands has made her feel proud. 

Youtube has become another success in Danielle’s repertoire. Peazer’s channel has over 185,685 subscribers. “I wanted a place where my followers could learn about me straight from me rather than via Instagram,” said Danielle. “They seem to love food related content like ‘What I eat in a day’ and obviously my dance and fitness videos.”

Through fun work out tutorials, Danielle encourages her viewers to get up and moving. 

“A lot of people assume I work out daily but most days I don’t get the time and I really have to fight to fit something in,” Peazer said. “It’s so important for me not just physically but mentally to stay active, even if it means doing something at home for 30 mins, that’s what I tend to do whilst I’m away if I can’t get to a class.”

You can find a playlist of some of the workout and dance videos from her channel here.

Along with her work out related videos, Danielle produces other types of content as well. On Danielle’s channel you can find videos on beauty products, healthy recipes, life vlogs, and fashion. Anyone who follows Danielle on Instagram can see she has a killer sense of style and has a love for it. 

“I’ve always been interested in fashion, I love flicking through Vogue and I always keep an eye out when it comes to new trends and must have pieces,” said Peazer. “I have quite a big denim collection in my wardrobe, loads of pairs of jeans but then also denim jacket, shorts, skirts and some denim dresses too.  I also love my leather jacket, living in London I probably wear that the most, all year round.”

Danielle looks up to the likes of Bella Hadid and Rihanna as her fashion role models. “I adore Rihanna’s ‘anything goes’ attitude when it comes to fashion.”

As children, we all have that one person that we idolized. For Danielle Peazer, it was her Nan. “I wasn’t really one for having celebrity role models when I was growing up,” Peazer said. “I looked up to my nan a lot because she always seemed to be able to do so much at once.”  Now that she is grown up, Danielle looks up to her friends as role models too. 

“We all do such different things but are all so passionate about whatever it is,” said Peazer. “It’s so inspiring to be around people like them. I’m also inspired by people I see that have turned their passion into a brand or company through passion and determination.”

But like the rest of us, Danielle looks up to Queen B. “She seems so strong and has built such an amazing brand and career for herself,” Peazer said. “And is obviously super talented and beautiful too.”

While Danielle has her role models, she has become one herself to young women all over the world. “I don’t want to act any differently because people see me as a role model,” she said. “I want to be myself and the best version of me and hope that in doing so I inspire people naturally.  It can be quite daunting to think about otherwise.” 

Danielle’s hope for young women in today’s world is that they know they can achieve anything that they put their mind to. 

“I would say to young women that if you want something and you’re willing to work hard for it then don’t let anything stand in your way,” Peazer said. “Being a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t be the CEO. Work hard, kick ass and always be independent.”