Pay for Four, Stay for Four: What You Miss During the Second Half in Bryant-Denny

Nick Saban is an avid fan of a full crowd for the full 60 minutes that it takes to play an Alabama football game. While the game itself is packed with action for an hour, the time it takes to get there is usually much longer. The average time from start to finish is actually about 3 ½ hours (if the game is on CBS, it can be even longer).

Not only can the game be long, the weather might not always be great either. When putting these factors into play, it’s not strange to see the student section in Bryant-Denny start to clear out after halftime. By the end of the game, half of the students are gone.

However, since I’ve been a student here at UA, I’ve made it a habit to stay the full four quarters. My motto on gameday is “Pay for Four, Stay for Four.” Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things that happen during the 4th quarter that make the games so much more exciting (and these are things you may be missing out on!)

4th Quarter Song

There is no other way to pump up the student section more than the Million Dollar Band’s rendition of “Basket Case”. Played in between the third and fourth quarter, the tuba players flood the aisles beside the band and rock out to the song, where the students are known to have their “fours” up and dancing along. This song is a great way to re-energize the crowd and let’s the Million Dollar Band show off their stuff.

Crowd Surfing Big Al

A newer UA tradition within the student section involves the students crowd surfing Big Al to the top of the lower bowl. This has become a favorite for the students (and the rest of the stadium) during the last 15 minutes of the game. Big Al is great entertainment throughout the entire game, and this is a perfect way to top it off. If you end up helping, you can even get an upper body workout in too!  


Rammer Jammer

It’s tradition after an Alabama win to sing “Rammer Jammer”. It’s a great way to brag about getting the “W”, but it also lets Alabama fans belt out one last song before heading home for the night. The Million Dollar band leads it, and everyone (well, at least Alabama fans) follow suit. While there has been some controversy around it in the past, it has stuck with the team. Plus, it’s a pretty catchy tune.

We know games in Tuscaloosa, Alabama can get long, hot, cold, rainy, or even boring, but it’s important to keep up the energy throughout the game. The student section is a powerful place to be. If you’re able to stay for the full four quarters, just do it! You never know what might happen.