No Spring Break, No Problem

Spring is one of the prettiest seasons at The University of Alabama! The weather is usually perfect for a day on The Quad with blue, sunny skies, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. The only problem this year is that we no longer have a spring break. It’s understandable why the school would cancel spring break, but it’s still upsetting. Although spring break may be cancelled, UA did include a three-day mental health weekend to detox and regroup. It may not sound like a lot, but a three-day weekend can offer a variety of destressing opportunities! 

Remembering to practice self-care is so important, especially when trying to balance the chaos of social and academic activities. Setting aside one day of the three-day weekend to focus on yourself can help reset your mind and body. A detox day might look like splurging on a manicure and a mini shopping spree in Midtown, or maybe cleaning your personal space at home is how you reset. Whatever your go-to way to unwind and regroup is, you can never go wrong with a self-care day. 

If you want to get away from Tuscaloosa but getting a hotel room is not an option, taking a day trip to Birmingham with your girl gang is a great way to destress. A “day-cation” to Birmingham offers so many fun opportunities, like shopping the sales at The Summit or getting some unique groceries at Trader Joe’s. Getting dressed up for a brunch and photo shoot with some friends is another cute and fun option (I totally recommend Big Bad Breakfast)! Birmingham is great since it’s only an hour away, but still feels like you went on a vacation. 

If a hotel room is in your budget, consider planning a girls’ trip for the three-day weekend. Nashville is only three hours north of Tuscaloosa, making it a great weekend get-away! There are so many cute activities to do, like listen to live music at a bar, go boutique shopping, and of course, there are a variety of photo opportunities. Nashville is a classic southern city that would make for a fun and relaxing mini spring break. 

Spring semester may look different without the week-long break, but that doesn’t mean the semester should be any less fun. Whether you decide to take a day to yourself or travel with your best friends, the three-day mental health weekend can be utilized in a variety of ways to detox and unwind!