Maggie Holmes

Name: Maggie Holmes

Hometown: Madison, MS

Major: Biology and Spanish

Relationship status: In a relationship 

Favorite book: Into the Wild

Favorite place to study on campus: “I live in Nott Hall, basically.” 

Favorite place to eat in Tuscaloosa: Avenue Pub

What clubs are you involved in? “I’m the Art to Life Student Facilitator, Assistant Team Leader for Beyond Bama, Site Coordinator for Read Alabama, Honors College Ambassador, Honors College Director for Student Life, Philanthropy Chair for Chi O (Make-A-Wish), UADM Morale Color Captain, Research Assistant for the O’Donnell Lab, and I’m in AED”

What has been the best class you have taken at UA so far? “Definitely organic. In seriousness, I totally recommend any honors seminar class. All of them are so enriching and really impact you personally, either by changing your perspectives, enhancing your leadership skills, or teaching you valuable like skills. I loved taking the Honors seminar, Art to Life. In this class I did art therapy with an Alzheimer's participant and learned of her life story throughout the semester. Art to Life taught me so much of how to love others, even though with cognitive disabilities, and for that I am so grateful.” 

What is the best part about being in Chi O? “I have loved getting to know the lower classmen. They’re all so kind, hilarious and entertaining. Also, they have been so supportive of me and are my little cheerleaders if I’m having a bad day.”

What is the most rewarding part about Bringing Art To Life? “The most rewarding part of Art to Life is seeing the students’ growth throughout the course. Many times, their perceptions of people with dementia are enlightened and therefore they tend to treat people with more compassion and patience.”

Who is your celebrity crush? James Franco

Describe your dream date. “Date (person): I feel obligated to put my boyfriend. / Date (place): Rock climbing at First Avenue Rocks following with dank Bham food (Hey Ryan, read this.)”

Describe yourself in three words. Cheerful, ambitious, passionate 

What do you like to do in your free time? Reading, running, and cooking

What's the best advice you have ever gotten? “Fill out as many applications as you can; you never know what you might get!”