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Keeping a Betta Fish–There’s More To It Than You Think

They are beautiful, they are grace, they don’t have enough swimming space!

There is no denying the beauty that is a betta fish. They come in an array of colors and shapes. These fish are also, what I like to call, the dogs of the fish world. They swim up to you when you approach the tank and wiggle their cute little tales.

That's right I said tank not bowl. For a long time, these beautiful energetic fish have been relegated to 1-gallon glass bowls, to sit sadly at the bottom of the bowl and have their owners wonder why they don't swim around. Well, I am here to change all that! Here's what you need to know to keep your betta fish alive for 3 to 5 years. That’s right, keep reading.

  1. Betta fish love to swim. Just like you and me, they need room to stretch their fins. You may live in a cramped college dorm, but your fish shouldn’t have too. It is recommended that they have at least a three-gallon (five or larger is ideal) tank with plants and toys for them to interact with. Look at it like a home decorating underwater.

  2. That's right tank, not bowl. Although these are very clean fish, they still need to have a filter to clean any waste and ammonia out of the water. Live plants in the tank can help with this too. Having a build-up of this stuff can lead to your fish’s death.

*** and if you think having a tank is too expensive you can find them on Amazon for a very reasonable price. https://www.amazon.com/Koller-Products-Panaview-5-Gallon-Aquarium/dp/B00...

  1. Even with a filter these fish still need to have their water changed once a week. But don’t worry you only need to replace ¼ of the water most of the time.

  2. There are tropical fish, not goldfish. They like warm water between 78-80 degrees. This keeps algae at bay, as well as other parasites from harming your fishy friend.

    A fish is a lovely addition to any dorm room ( and it’s one of the few pets colleges allow!). But make sure you are ready to give your fish an amazing life! Here is my fish, Peter, in his 5 gallons living his best life. He is about to be 4 years old! So majestic.


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