Kate Nash Dropped A New Single And It's The Bomb.Com

Kate Nash, international badass and all-around cool lady, released a new single to her much anticipated album Friday afternoon. Drink About You is off of her upcoming fourth album and is the ultimate jam for pre-games and darties. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet? It’s available on Spotify and iTunes now.

Nash’s new album is currently in pre-production, having been put off temporarily so Nash could star in the second season of the hit Netflix series Glow or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. After Nash dumped her record label, she crowd-sourced her fourth album on Kickstarter, doubling her goal of 70 thousand dollars thanks to fans and contributors. Nash offered fans everything from a signed CD of the new album to the chance to smoke a cigar with the mega-star in the studio after her album is finished. It’s still available for pre-order on her Kickstarter page here, along with some tees from her upcoming tour, vinyls and other cool goodies for fans.

Check out exclusive behind the scenes photos from her Drink About You video below, and take a look and listen to her music video for Drink About You! (Password is DRINK)!


All images courtesy of Kate Nash and Kickstarter. Photographed by Kelsey Hart.

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