Inspiring Women Who Caused Controversy for Posing Nude

Women in the spotlight receive negative feedback for almost anything they do now. Particularly, posing nude stirs up controversy. For some reason people are terrified to see a woman’s body. These women were hit with heavy backlash, but owned every minute of their photos. If anything, they inspired young women to stop being ashamed of their bodies and to hold confidence.


1. Emma Watson, Vanity Fair


Recently, Emma Watson, one of the leading feminists of Hollywood, shot for Vanity Fair. Many counted her cover shot as an inappropriate representation of feminism. People claimed her peep of cleavage was degrading and too risque. That is where they have it wrong. Feminism is not about what you wear; it is about being proud of your body. If anything, Watson inspired young women to be proud of what they have, and be confident doing it.


2. Kendall Jenner, 2013 posted nipple pic on Instagram for 18th birthday

The Jenners and Kardashians have been the center of controversy for over a decade now. People constantly strike up something to criticize, but on November 3, 2013, it was Kendall’s turn. Her nipples vaguely revealed through a black top in a photo she posted on Instagram for her 18th birthday. People were shocked when this photo came out, thinking Kendall was a good girl gone bad. In reality, she was just proud of her newfound adulthood and wanted to exemplify her confidence in a photo.


3. Jennifer Lawrence, nude photos leaked  

In 2014, Perez Hilton found nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and had no problem posting them to the world. They were originally intended for her long distance boyfriend, but soon enough all anyone talked about. She believes the law needs to be changed regarding someone’s right to post a photo like this. She called Hilton’s act a “sex crime.” Women should not have to be afraid of their body being exposed to the world, but J-Law now owns it. She shot for Vanity Fair in a seemingly naked shoot, uplifting young women who have experienced something similar.


4. Demi Moore, Vanity Fair maternity photos

Back in 1991, a seven-month-pregnant Demi Moore bravely shot nude for the cover of Vanity Fair. According to TIME Magazine, her photo was counted as one of the 100 most influential photos of all time. The reaction, however, was not all positive. Some stores refused to tell the issue and people were overall ashamed to see a pregnant woman’s body on their magazine. On the upside, Moore inspired many women in the spotlight after her. Some famous, yet still controversial, maternity shots include Pink, Ciara, and recently Beyonce. Moore received countless criticisms, but pregnant women in the media still have not stopped proudly revealing their bodies.


5. Miley Cyrus, Paper Magazine

Miley Cyrus never ceases to surprise me, but somehow America could not believe her nude shot, in 2015, cradling a pig for Paper Magazine. Aside from the negative commentary, Cyrus used this shocking cover to shed a light on a foundation dear to her heart. The Happy Hippie Foundation supports homeless from endless backgrounds and representations. In an inspiring way, Cyrus used her shockingly naked body to make a positive change.

Women will never stop being criticized for what they do in the media. What matters is how they handle the backlash. These feminists remained confident, inspiring women around the world.

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