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ICYMI: “Girl Rising” Screening

 Last Friday, April 26, Her Campus Alabama was thrilled to host a screening of the 10×10 documentary, “Girl Rising,” at the Green Bar downtown. This phenomenal documentary tells the story of 9 girls, from 9 countries, all who have fought for, or are currently fighting for, their education.

It raises awareness about the injustices and hindrances girls around the world face when they try to recieve an education. For example, school is not free in over 50 countries. The stories touched on many other concerning issues though, such as child marriage, sexual abuse and even being sold as a slave—both for sex and labor.

I personally found that the way the film followed the personal lives of nine girls was extremely successful in helping to put a face on the issues. In the end, girls all want the same things: a quality of life, the right to an education, and the abillity to decide their life path for themselves.

We had a a great turnout, and many staffers and audience members said they too, felt inspiried and enlightened on the issue.

“It was an absolutely wonderful and inspiring movie. It reminded me to never take my education for granted.” – Rachel Wilson, HC Alabama staff writer.

There’s a lot that still needs to be done, but there’s a lot we can do to help. If you missed the screening, you can still bring one to your town here. Or make a donation, you can help pay for a girl’s school expenses, desks and chairs for the school, or buy a school uniform so a girl can attend her school. Or watch the trailer, get inspired and learn more here.

For everyone who came out, thank you so much! We had a great turnout, and every bit of support counts. (Plus, we always love to meet all our Alabama collegiettes.) Keep an eye out for future events, and if you ever have an idea or want to see something happen: let us know!

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