How to Deal When Your Team is Losing a Game

Though they are far and few between, Alabama fans are periodical face with a game where we are not 50 points in the lead. These are trying times, but we can make it through with these helpful tips. 

1) Grab something soft and fluffy

We all have that one blanket or soft, stuffed item. You will now use this item to provide a shield against the overwhelming feels that are coming your way. You can also use it the wipe away the tears that will inevitably start running down your face. So snuggle up and buckle down for the rest of the game. 

2) Complain about the Refs

One of the best things to do when a team is losing is complaining about the bad calls. It's not the team's failure to make a touch down its the Ref inability the make a good call. The point of this tip is not actually to evaluate the quality of the calls but to displace your anger. 

3) Call your friends over to share in the pain. 

Why grieve alone when you could make a party out of it. If you aren't already watching the game with your friends call them up! They can provide mental and physical support; also possibly cookie dough. Also yelling at the TV feel less crazy when other people are doing with you. 

4) Remember its just a game. 

At the end of the day it just a game. The world will keep turning and the exams are still happening. Though it is fun to win, and it sucks to lose, there is always another season and more games.  

 I write this as I watch the Alabama Vs Georgia game, and I have to admit the odds aren't looking good. But as I come to peace with the inconceivable fact we might in fact lose, I look back on all the fond memories I have made this football seasons.