A Girl’s Guide to Off-Campus Housing in Tuscaloosa

October comes around and the University of Alabama student population starts to lose it. Where will I live next year? Who are my roommates?? Tuscaloosa is going to run out of houses and I am going to be homeless. It’s going to happen. Trust me, I was part of this crew last year.

Choosing a place to live can be extremely stressful, especially as a brand new freshman—stuck in your UA campus dorm bubble. You have probably never even heard of Meador (unless your big took you out to a party one Friday night) and the Retreat seems like a world away.

As a matured and wise sophomore—or at least I tell myself—I am here to give you the inside scoop on off-campus housing in Tuscaloosa.

Near The Strip

There are a variety of locations around campus, one of the most popular being near The Strip. You are right in the action, just a step away from the bars and a couple more to class. Meg Lavin, a resident of Pride Court behind Publix, commented “I like living in this apartment complex because I get to meet new people that I wouldn’t usually talk to.” That is a definite bonus of living in a tight apartment complex.

The Retreat

The Retreat, on the other hand, is further from campus but provides much more space. This student neighborhood offers individual houses with large backyards and endless nature. Effy McEldowney said, “I don’t like not being close to friends,” since most of her friends live nearby campus. A hefty 4.6 miles from Bryant-Denny makes it a tad out of the way, but some people are not bothered by a few extra minutes. Overall, the drive is definitely worth the space and luxury at the Retreat for a great deal of UA students.

Crimson Student Living & University House

These are some of the largest apartment complexes, located near 15th street less than a mile from Sorority Row. Both apartments offer many amenities, which Adrienne Corsi enjoys, “It’s better than a dorm with more space and privacy, and amenities like a pool and workout room.” Some dislike the area, which is a bit of a walk from campus (especially for us new sophomores who miss living right on campus). Luckily, both apartments offer a shuttle as an alternative to walking or driving.

Meador Drive

Meador includes an array of houses and duplexes. It is sometimes known as the “party street.” This area of off-campus housing is an easy walk to campus. 348 Ride goes to the Papa John’s right across the street. One of the greatest aspects Anna Forster, Old Row resident, points out, “We live in a very safe area.” This is an awesome area if you are looking for more of a house type of living, instead of apartments.

These are some of the main locations around Tuscaloosa where students choose to reside, while there are many awesome ones I didn’t mention. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea and takes a bit of stress off.  I trust that you will find the perfect home!